Pro-Criminal DA Just Forced This Store’s Closed For Good

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It’s no secret that crime in Dem-ran blue states is completely out of control. The entire state of California practically legalized smash and grabs. Now, A New York District Attorney’s pro-crime stance has basically shut down RightAid in the heart of Manhatten. You can’t blame the store, crooks made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise without the fear of punishment, New York Post explained how:

Of all the burdens Manhattan has borne this January, the imminent closing of the 24-hour Midtown West Rite Aid hardly qualifies as a tragedy. But the fact that an otherwise-thriving major corporation is giving up on core Manhattan matters for our decaying borough.

The pharmacy, on 8th Avenue and 50th Street, will close Feb. 8. Last week, it was effectively already shuttered, with most of the store cordoned off with gates. Just a small, strange assortment — children’s coloring books jumbled with vitamins — was marooned on front shelves on “clearance.”

The clearance prices were ironic — because the reason the Rite Aid is closing is mass-scale shoplifting. As The Post reported last week, the shop lost $200,000 in goods in two months.

This store’s workers have had a rough two years. In June 2020 — the summer of “peaceful protests” — the shop suffered looting. The windows were broken and $60,000 worth of drugs stolen.

The Rite Aid was then completely covered in plywood for days.

Since then, the store’s workers — mostly people of color — have suffered the strain of constant disorder.”



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Folks, this is serious…

If a big box store like RiteAid can’t afford New York’s pro-criminal stance then small mom and pop shops don’t stand a chance. Unless voters get involved and start voting these Democrats out, RiteAid won’t be the only one forced to close down.




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