We knew the pro-abortion protesters were nutcases. But, I don’t think anyone of us realized just how sick they truly are. In pictures and videos posted by The Blaze, we get to see just how perverted they can be. Journalist and videographer Drew Hernandez chronicled the signs and people in pictures and on video.

Some people have claimed the picture was photoshopped, but Hernandez also did a video that, included the moron with the sign. You can’t photoshop a video. I guess you could if you spent enough time, but, the video would look choppy and would fool no one. Well, maybe Democratic voters. They’ll fall for anything.

One commenter said:

“Sick and disgusting. A fetus does not mean feed us. Wow. I hope she never gets to experience motherhood.”

Hernandez captured a clip of a man dressed in a pink “Bans Off Our Bodies” shirt as he was yelling at a woman advocating for the pro-life cause. He accused her of being a closet homosexual. He was yelling in her ear and he also bumped into her once.

Here’s a supercut showing pro-abortion demonstrators going ballistic and appearing ready to do physical battle:

From The Blaze

For your science geeks out there, here’s the “coat-hanger dodger” protester venturing further into the stratosphere and declaring that “masturbation is murder.” Seems she’s concluded that “if you masturbate, you kill people … every month when you have a menstrual cycle, you’re killing.”

When a pro-life advocate counters that “it’s not a baby,” Ms. Biology Lover shoots back, “Yes, it is. It’s DNA. How is it not? It’s alive.” Sigh.

One of them sings the words “coat-hanger dodger” presumably to an anti-abortion protester and adds:

“that means your mom stuck a coat hanger up her [slang for female bodily part] and tried to get rid of you, but she failed.”

Here are a pair of wholesome snapshots apparently showing how pentagrams and some pro-abortion advocates go together like peanut butter and jelly:

Finally, we’re not exactly sure how to classify this, but the demonstrator in the following clip most definitely wants bodily autonomy. Who are we to argue? (Content warning: Language)




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Grizz Mann

C’mon man! I knew that Planned parenthood had a plan to turn a profit. Heinz 57 Steak Saucemakes a good garnish and is Democrat approved.


They are just about THAT sick! By next year, these mental trash heaps will be demanding RETROACTIVE abortions for people THEY do not like!

John Durso

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Last edited 2 months ago by EdnaWarren

The more the libs act like animals the better it is for the GOP. In the meantime they need to be rounded up and put in Obama cages.


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Last edited 2 months ago by AlexandraAnderson

This is EXACTLY why we need to ENFORCE our 2nd amendment RIGHTS! (Natural rights by being ALIVE!) Citizens MUST be allowed to throw grenades into these masses of INSANE creatures. I see NO sense of HUMANITY in these “Demanders of FAKE RIGHTS”. NO “woman” has the “RIGHT” to MURDER the consequences of their own IMMORALITY! (I do allow them to decide to remove the fetus in the first 9 weeks! Even though they put their Soul in jeopardy.) It’s our JOB to EDUCATE them. NOT legislate them into a corner.


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Last edited 2 months ago by LanaMabel
Ted Weiland


Rights, Rights, Everyone Wants Their Rights: Including the Right to Lifers AND the In Utero Infanticide Advocates, both of which are but the consequences of the 18th-century founding fathers replacing non-optional Biblical responsibilities (based upon God’s immutable moral law) with optional Enlightenment rights.

This in turn, this leaves America with the never-ending futile battle between the thesis (promoted by the infanticide advocates) and the antithesis (promoted by the Right to Lifers), creating a synthesis (vainly seeking what doesn’t exist rather than the only solution as found in God’s immutable moral law).

The Only One with a right to anything is our God and Creator. Even life isn’t a right except to God. It’s inherent in who He is as Creator.

For the rest of us, life (and everything that comes with it) is a gift from and responsibility to the One who created us. It’s inherent in who we are as the created.

If life is a right then God was obligated to created us, making Him subservient to us. In turn, He would have no authority to judge us for what’s our right to do with as we please.

For more, see blog article “Rights: Man’s Sacrilegious Claim to Divinity” at Bible versus Constitution dot org. Search title on our Blog.

Also blog article “Rights, Rights, Everyone Wants Their Rights.”

Also blog article “America’s Road to Hell: Paved With Rights.”



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