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President Trump Releases Video Embarrassing Dem Leaders For Who They Really Are

President Donald Trump shared a video to Twitter this week which contained multiple clips of different top Democrats expressing their views on immigration.

With the way Democrats talk about President Trump’s proposed border wall, you would think they were against border security… but according to the clips shared by the President, this is far from the truth.

“The Democrats are absolute hypocrites. All along, they’ve been supporting walls,” Trump starts off the video, addressing the cameras from the White House Rose Garden. The video then moves to multiple clips of top Democratic leaders Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer all talking about immigration.

“Illegal immigration is wrong. Plain and simple,” Schumer says in the video.

The clip of Hillary Clinton’s shows her talking about having voted in favor of funding “a barrier to try and prevent illegal immigrants from coming in.”

The clip of Barack Obama shows the then-Senator saying, “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked.”

Take a look:

Trump goes on after the clips are finished to say, “They only don’t want to [build the wall] because of me.”

The President promised those viewing his PSA that he plans to do “whatever it takes” to get our border wall built. “Whatever it takes to get border security I will do it,” Trump explained.

The Daily Caller reports, “Earlier this week, Trump got into a contentious battle with congressional leaders over the border wall funding. Trump threatened to shut the government down over the funding multiple times.”

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