President Biden’s Daughter’s Diary Leaks – Disgusting Revelations About Joe Exposed

Syndicated Via National File| PATRICK HOWLEY|

National File has exclusively released the full 112 pages of the diary our whistleblower identified as belonging to Ashley Biden

Since Saturday night, National File has published dozens of pages from what our whistleblower has identified as the 2019 diary of Ashley Blazer Biden, the 39-year-old daughter of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden. The diary was started while the author was in a drug rehabilitation facility in Florida, and details her romantic interests, crumbling marriage, struggle with drug and sex addiction, and family life as her father began to run for president.

With limited redactions to protect the identities of private individuals, National File can now publish the full 112 page diary our whistleblower has identified as belonging to Ashley Biden. National File obtained this document from a whistleblower who was concerned the media organization that employs him would not publish the materials in the final days before the presidential election.


National File’s whistleblower also has a recording of Ashley Biden admitting the diary is hers, and employed a handwriting expert who verified the pages were all written by Ashley. National File has in its possession a recording of this whistleblower detailing the work he did to verify its authenticity.

In the recording, the whistleblower also adds that his media organization chose not to release the documents after receiving pressure from a competing outlet.

National File has already reported several revelations from the diary, including the fact that the author believes she was sexually molested as a child and shared “probably not appropriate” showers with her father, the months of entries detailing the author’s struggle with drug abuse, the entries that detail the author’s crumbling marriage with multiple affairs, the entries showing the family’s fears of a potential scandal due to her brother’s new home, and those that show a deep resentment for her father due to his money, control, and emotional manipulation.

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You can read the entire document HERE

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Gerald S Ladd

Was Hunter fucking her too?


Lol Probably. Thanks for the early laugh too


Sorry, not laughing matter, this is tragic stuff!

John Wilson Knight

Tell us the truth– weren’t you laughing when Joe FALSELY accused Trump of being a “Russian agent”–or better yet, Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation”.

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Paula Quintero

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Last edited 2 months ago by Natalie

Laugh like a jackass you are.

Elinor K. Thomas

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Disappear please!

Judy A Zwyghuizen

Keep your sales Crap off these this is nothing to do with what you are saying.

mike dar

Who knows, Hunter was doing Obama’s Daughter also… so…..

Judy A Zwyghuizen

More than Likely YES! the Apple don’t fall to far from the Tree.


Groper Joe O’Biden is merely a deluded and mentally handicapped puppet of Bath House Barry Dickbama.


Well I’ll be damned, all this time I thought his name was Pres. “Cho Bi-den”, leader of Communist USA!


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Last edited 2 months ago by Richard

Well done joey!! Well done as a father. hunter a druggie mess and a daughter a druggie mess…wonder what the others are hiding? LOL A supposed pristine family to be proud of!!! Now compare them to the Trump family….NO DRUGS, NO ALCOHOL, clean cut, all great success….NO COMPARISON and certainly no comparison in leadership. Trump 1 biden 0


Not so lol, Biden kids are f’d up for a reason


Sorry, not a reply, but an addition to my comment, still a Trump backer all the way, but I feel sorry for any kid raised by the Biden family


Have you ever wondered why since lady lady Jill is being in the Biden’s life what happen to IT? According to first husband Jill’s, they met the Biden’s in 1972, soon after Biden’s first wife dead of a car accident, plus her baby/toddler. Hunter five year old, and 1 year older brother, were hospitalized. In 1975 lady lady Jill married Joe Biden, and the rest is history!

Richard Ksenich

Trump 10 Biden 0

Judy A Zwyghuizen

Amen and TRUMP Loves America and Biden HATES America doing everything he can in the short while he’s in there to KILL America.


Heres the answer to chicombidens destroy America so the chines can take over.
The border patrol have to stop following orders from people that insist on destroying America.
When I was in the army there was a military rule,If an unlawful order was given then it was the soldiers responsibility not to follow an unlawful order.
The orders from biteme or doj or anyone issuing an unlawful order to the American people MUST NOT BE FOLLOWED!!!
 It’s time that the American people stand up to these unlawful orders!!!!!!!!

Tony Whitehead

Not just stand up but rise up and overthrow this worthless bunch of communist stooges and replace all of them with a true constitutional government. Replace from the top, booth houses of Congress, Supreme Court and federal judges!


Given Pedo Joe being a Pedophile and Hunter making Videos of Him and an underage Relative having a sex and drug filled time to hear that Pedo Joe abused his children when they were young especially his Daughters comes as no surprise. I suspect Pedo Joe abused more than just the female Children in the family.


maybe the dogs too????

Gail Davus

Maybe that is how he broke his foot and had to wear the big boot? Wasn’t he going after his dog getting out of the shower?? He is so sick he would do it with anything!! The dog probably was trying to get away from him and his filthy goings on! The whole Biden family is just gutter trash, is and always has been!


Don’t knock it til ya’ve tried it

Grin n barrett

Funny how two out of three children had drug problems isn’t it. The man couldn’t handle raising 3 children and HE IS OUR PRESIDENT? When you have enough backers willing to steal enough votes, anything is possible.

Son of Liberty

And the result to remove Traitor Joe is?


I can think of several solutions to the child rapist biden!

Lorraine E Blazich

So I wonder when the corporate media will ever reveal the info in President Biden’s daughter’s diary. Most likely never because the corporate media in our country has no intension of ever reporting the truth. What a shame that the corporate so called “news” media is nothing but garbage and will never report the truth. Turn off your Garbage TV Lies and Cover Ups and check the internet or you will never hear the truth.


The mainstream media are terrorist organizations.

Judy A Zwyghuizen

Exactly they need to all go to Prison for Interference in our Elections ASAP.


How gullible are you? And why do you hate America so much? This “news” is completely made up.


Apparently you have not seen the official video tapes of ceremonial swearing in events. Showing Joe feeling up the breast area of little girls. Parents unaware because all lined up for the pictures. But wonder how they felt when they viewed the videos later? Nothing could be done except perhaps legal charges because SS would have kept the dads from decking him.
You sir need to keep up. These official videos have made the rounds several times. And, there is a link above to the actual text of his daughter’s diary.


No it is not. YOU are the gullible one. Watch Ashley’s face when Joe was sworn in as president. THAT is not a daughter who is proud of her father.


And it a stupid idiot

Judy A Zwyghuizen

Yes! go to


Media these days r bought and paid for ,truth twisting,lying,agenda driven media WHORES


Hold on! Joe biden showered with his daughter and may have committed incest and other perversions? Why isn’t this information on the News 24/7 for the next 1000 years!?? biden is one of the worst people on the planet!


I saw an article once about how the groper would keep her close to him at all times, even as an adult, because he was scared if he left her alone somewhere, that someone would get to her & she’d spill the beans about the showers & abuse, etc. !!!!! the photo with the article showed him just behind her as she went through a door into a plane !!!

Judy A Zwyghuizen

No wonder he don’t care about the Children being abused when they through them over the Wall .


Question is…do they still do that?


If you read the book “I HEARD YOU PAINT HOUSES” which became the movie THE IRISHMAN you’ll see that the Teamsters were fully behind Biden and helped pull off some shenanigans in his first election. His wife ended up getting killed by a truck driver. hmm


Nelia was at fault. She ran a stop light. Joe lied about it for many years and said the truck driver was drunk. He was not. Some say Joe and Jill were already having an affair then. Her ex husband says they worked on Joe’s first campaign for senator together. Joe admitted to his college roommate that he had a problem wanting little children sexually. Knowing some of the content of Hunter’s laptop, it’s safe to say it’s a f’ked up family. Joe and Jill knew Hunter was “inappropriate” with his niece and did nothing. Seems that they believe incest is normal.


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Take your off-topic marketing scams and f-off!




How is the criminal biden still walking around free? He is guilty of countless felonies of incest and should be thrown in Federal Prison before he abuses another person!


He has money and lots of people in high places do pedophilia and incest too. They protect each other. It truly is a swamp.


No prison time for Old Joe. How about a firing squad instead. Give his children the rifles.


So no one could be considered more “white privileged” than the Biden family, and yet, who the hell would want to be them! Yuck.

william g munson

Sick People in the Office too and also in Congress and what about the Slush Fund Congress set up to pay those that brought charges against them for Sex assaults and other things What and We the People TAX money too


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Question is…does he still bang her?


…at least shower with her?


Nobody here is asking ‘where was Jill’?


Does Hunter do Jill?


Given how Pedo Joe treated the little girls he was near as Vp to hear he was a Pedophile with his own children is not shocking at all. The FACT the MORON MEDIA is not saying anything is not News either given only they only put out what their Masters ggg he d Democraps tell them to.

AJ Currie

I guess we don’t always need to believe the “victim”. The Democrat politicians and their media slugs are “revising” that policy as we speak!


This poor lady she must to have had a messed up life long before she was a drunk or druggie. Just remember this marriage is a joint contract Neither one is the others master just their mate Last but not least always keep your faith in higher power Remember even with all the downs you have have more will come but goods will out weigh them Not this is to ever published this dairy I do hope someone returns the favor to you because KARMA is a bitch


And this is the guy hiding behind barbed wire fencing and troops and who is the most popular president ever! Yeah, sure.

Mark Gravitte

We all know old Creepy obiden has been cutting his daughter. He is a sick demented old fool. old Creepy joe has probably been performing sex acts on little boys. He wreaks the appearance of child molester. Loser.

Judy A Zwyghuizen

We knew Biden was a pervert and his Family is the most Corrupt Family he was not Elected as any President he need’s to hand it over to the REAL VOTED IN PRESIDENT ASAP. He also needs PRISON for his Corruption and against the Americans.

Judy A Zwyghuizen

And what about all those illegal kids where are they shipping them all to at night in the Basement of the White House No wonder Joe is in the Basement all the time.


Im not at all surprised biden is a pedophile and a pervert and obviously mentally unbalanced just listen to him and how quickly he loses his temper…

Gideon Rockwell

Displays many of the traits of a child abuse victim and sexual abuse victim.


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Last edited 2 months ago by lalego
Mark Gravitte

Obiden is a hair sniffing, pole puffing pervert. A disgusting piece of garden slug shit. No inflammatory pain intended garden slugs. That whole entire so-called family are crooks, heathens, perverts, demons, soulless wretches. It’s gonna be hot 🔥 you obidens and it’s for an eternity. Oh hunter, those Crack pipe paintings of yours won’t hold up in the extreme heat. Nor will your butt banging prostitute purchased sex toys either. I am going to enjoy the demise of you entire evil family. Great riddance. 👍.

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