Politifact Editor-In-Chief: Sending COVID Patients to NY Nursing Homes Was Inconsequential

Politifact editor in chief, Angie Drobnic Holan appeared with Brian Stelter on CNN’s “Unreliable Sources.” During the show, she made the incredible claim that Andrew Cuomo sending Covid-19 patients to nursing homes where the most vulnerable live did not make a difference in the number of deaths and instead claimed that Covid-19 was brought in by employees.

Have you ever heard such a crock of crap?

Politifact makes their living by covering up for Democrats when they are guilty and slandering conservatives when they are innocent knows no shame.

Should we also believe that the bombs the Japanese dropped on Pearl Harbor did not make a significant increase in the number of deaths?

Maybe all the servicemen and women had lighters that all exploded at once, causing ships to sink and for people to die.

Holan said:

“I think the situation in New York is really complicated… We don’t see hard evidence that [his order] made a significant difference in COVID deaths.” 

Look at this logically. The Democrat6s wh2o opted to send the sick patients to nursing homes had a high death rate but states that refused to allow Covid positive patients into nursing homes saw much fewer illnesses and death.

Do you really believe that is an insignificant fact or do you see a definite connection between policies and death? If you do I have a bridge I can let you have cheap.


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From The Gateway Pundit

Governor Cuomo is famous for sending thousands of sick COVID patients back to nursing homes where the dangerous diseases spread like wildfire. New York state and New Jersey still have the worst COVID death ratios in the world.


Cuomo is currently under investigation by the DOJ. The FBI and US Attorney were in Brooklyn just last week investigating Cuomo’s handling of the New York nursing home crisis.

And two weeks ago audio was leaked of New York Governor Cuomo’s top aide apologizing to Democrat lawmakers for intentionally withholding the state’s COVID nursing home death toll from them.

Cuomo’s aide also confessed the governor hid nursing home deaths so the feds would not find out.


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And these are the people identifying “Facts vs. Fiction”! Why would anyone accept ANY JUDGEMENT by DINGBATS like the “Editor-in-chief” of PolitiFact making such absurd statements?


These people never can say the truth Lies, Lies and more Lies. They would not know the truth if it hit them in the face..

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