You probably won’t hear about this in the mainstream media.  Back in November 2015, the citizens of Warsaw protested the influx of Islamic immigrants.  By doing so, they showed the world how they truly felt.

The protest was called “Poland for Poles.  Poles for Poland.”  According to police, over 25,000 citizens took to the streets.  It was a spectacular showcase of their patriotism.  Poland wanted everyone to know they fight for their Christian values.

They chanted in their native tongue:

Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ, forever Amen.  My beloved, today the enemies of our church and homeland must be going mad seeing this huge army of patriots, who have God, honor, and homeland in their hearts and are ready to die for it.


It is obvious that the leftists propaganda does its best to destroy us, destroy the church, and destroy the Polish people.

In their staunch opposition to the Islamic invasion, Poland has protected its country.  The same cannot be said for some of their neighbors.  Over the past few years, other European countries have been ransacked with terrorist attacks.  Some have even succumbed to unhygienic shanty towns.

In fact, Paris recently gave many of those migrants the boot.  Now, they’re thinking of moving onward to England.

Although the Left would like to say these are extreme nationalists, they are trying to defend their own country from violence.

From the British Free Press:

The “American” media and Hollywood here in America is controlled mostly by Leftists. Lies and slander against Polish people has been pushed by big media like the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Hollywood and the TV networks. For example, the newspapers like the New York Times have slandered Polish people by calling Nazi GERMAN death camps as “Polish death camps”….and by referring to Polish people as “racists”, “xenophobes”, etc. just because Polish people don’t agree with the Leftist media’s stupid Leftist agenda.

Hollywood and its TV networks used Nazi Anti-Polish slurs to degrade Poles.

Since the 1960’s….the Leftist “American” TV networks NBC-TV, CBS-TV and ABC-TV have pushed Nazi ORIGINATED “Polish jokes” to degrade Polish people. WHY did they do that? The video you see above shows you why. Poland is the most conservative, anti-Left, patriotic, PRO-CHRISTIAN nation in Europe. And because of this…the Low Life Leftist bosses at these TV networks felt the Polish people were “backward’ and “dumb”.

Watch the patriotic display below:

American Patriot

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