Podesta Took $170K Payment From Russian Bank To Make Private Deal With Obama

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MATTHEW BERNSTIEN – CDP | In the days leading up to the election, WikiLeaks spent nearly every day dropping new emails that they had taken from the account of John Podesta, which was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. Ultimately his efforts to get Hillary elected failed as Donald Trump was the winner of the presidential election.

John wasn’t the only Podesta that has been involved with the Democrats however. His brother, Tony Podesta, has been known as a Democratic super-lobbyist. He has done what he could to raise money for Democratic causes, and has been very successful at it.

In fact, he has been so successful that he has been contacted, AND PAID, by foreign entities to try and achieve what they are asking of him. It has been learned that Tony Podesta was paid $170,000 during a six-month period to represent Sberbank. That would be Russia’s largest bank, proving that the Podesta’s have more ties to Russian than Donald Trump.

What Tony Podesta was trying to do was get the Obama administration to remove economic sanctions against Russia. Yes, he was doing what he could to get sanctions removed on Russia because a foreign bank paid him to do so. If that isn’t a Russian conspiracy, then nothing is.

President Barack Obama

Tony Podesta Asked The Obama Administration To Lift Economic Sanctions Placed On Russia’s Banks

Podesta is the founder and chairman of the Podesta Group, and he is listed as a key lobbyist on behalf of Sberbank, at least according to Senate lobbying disclosure forms. His firm received a large chunk of change from fees in 2016, to the tune of $24 million. Much of that money came from foreign governments, according ot eh nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

What had happened was former President Barack Obama had imposed sanctions on the bank after Russia has seized the Crimean region of Ukraine back in 2014. As this was hurting the bank, they hired Podesta’s firm to try and get the sanctions removed.

As it stands, his campaign targeted both Congress and the President. Podesta and other lobbyists had actually arranged at least two meetings between Sberbank officers and officials within the Department of State. That was according to Elena Teplitskaya, Sberbank’s board chairman, whom spoke to House aides back in August.

What this also does is make the Democrats look like hypocrites. Democrats try and claim that the Trump administration is too soft on Russia, while the Obama administration was harder on Moscow. However, nobody from the Trump administration had ever attempted to get sanctions lifted.

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