Playboy’s First Transgender Playmate: History Repeats Itself? You be the Judge…

Last week, the iconic publication Playboy faced backlash for introducing the first transgender Playmate.  Ines Rau is her name, and she sparked a massive backlash.

One of the more well-known critics was the porn star, Jenna Jameson.

In her tweets, she wrote:

I have a problem with it just like I have a problem with a transgender competing against biological women in sports…I think it’s setting fire to an iconic brand and pandering to this ridiculous PC world we live in.

Actually, this is not the first trans person to appear in Playboy.  That title goes to Caroline Cossey.  Cossey appeared in Playboy and also starred in a Bond film.  Cossey credits Hugh Hefner with spearheading the appreciation of trans people.

She told the HuffPost:

The worldwide reach of the photos and feature had a significant impact in changing erroneous preconceived ideas that a lot of people had about the trans community.  I featured on Playboy magazine covers worldwide and the impact was huge on our acceptance ― I thank Hugh for that.

In regards to Ines Rau’s feature, Playboy finally responded in a series of tweets.  They compared the decision to their feature of Jenny Jackson in the 1960s.  Jackson was the first black Playmate to be featured in the magazine.

Firstly, they compared tweets from 1965 to those in 2017.

Back in 1965, Playboy fans revoked their subscription of the magazine.  Then, they dug up a letter in which they were called “icon smashers”.

Here is my personal gripe.  When Hefner died, liberals clamored and said that he had objectified women for decades.  Now, a trans woman is being objectified in the exact same way, and it’s rendering applause.

So, which side is the right one?  Perhaps, instead, Playboy should only feature transgender women in an effort to break PC correctness.  Then, they can objectify them so they are finally “real women”.

What are your thoughts on this story?  Especially in light of recent events.

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