Plans Being Discussed About Arresting Trump And Other Republicans In Congress On Live Television

Chuck Todd hosted a former FBI leader who promoted the idea that people around President Trump, including members of the US House of Representatives and US Senate who supported Trump need to be rounded up and arrested for “Domestic Terrorism” based on his feelings about the events of Jan. 6th.

Former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI @FrankFigliuzzi1says:

“There must be intelligence and security reforms in the wake of Jan. 6 or we may see this happen again.”

The mythology around January 6th at the US Capitol has given the left a great deal of coverage to push anti-American propaganda and to attack supporters of President Donald J. Trump.  It is well known that the audience at the Capitol that day made up both supporters of Trump’s, professional agitators, and leftist activists; however, the only people being discredited for the event that unfolded are Trump supporters.

That is because the narrative is helpful to a full-on Marxist political movement.  Now there is proof from a recent Meet The Press appearance that the left, in fact, is planning to keep promoting the political messaging that American conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters are “low level operatives” who need to be rounded up and arrested, including lawmakers who were “sitting around the former President.”

Arresting low-level operatives is merely a speed bump not a road block,” @FrankFigliuzzi1says. “In order to really tackle terrorism … you’ve got to attack and dismantle the command and control element.” “That may mean people sitting in Congress right now.”

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Figliuzzi, a radical far-leftist and former assistant FBI direction, is now a talk show host pushing anti-American propaganda on cable TV.

In the following video Figliuzzi lays the foundation for his utopian power grab and political persecution of his opponents, something the left is highly sensitive to when anyone even attempts to hold leftist lawmakers to account for pushing Marxism

Figliuzzi is a sort of actor, selling books and podcasts on his dramatic rendition of current events, demonizing his political opponents as the “bad guys” in his fantasy utopian – Marxist works.

MSNBC also hosted the FBI bookseller, who is pushing a radical use of the media for what looks a lot like soviet style political theater and media trials.


Apparently Figliuzzi has forgotten all about Due Process right for Americans.

“I’ll be joining coverage throughout the morning of the release of this Senate report: Capitol Police didn’t act on warnings Trump backers would breach Capitol, target Democrats, report says ⁦@MSNBC”

“We’re watching a slow-moving train wreck, and it needs to get derailed quickly, or it’s going to crash, and the train that’s crashing is essentially our form of democracy. The insurrection’s not over in a very real sense” – @FrankFigliuzzi1w/@NicolleDWallace”


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Facebook Finally Loses

“Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is reportedly under FBI investigation over possible campaign finance law violations while at his former business. It’s not a major leap of logic to assume the “campaign fundraising activity” they’re referring to is an alleged straw-donor scheme that funneled questionable cash towards the Republican Party.

These allegations, on top of DeJoy’s manipulation of the U.S. mail during the 2020 election, raise yet another red flag, marking him for what he is: a shady political operative who must be removed from his position of power,” Figliuzzi wrote.


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Jim Goodall

If these traitors want to start World War 3, that is what you will have if this fool and the traitors tries to arrest our President.

MSgt USAF (ret)

Carlotta Howard



Our Military & Law Enforcement stands with Trump & the right so this might not go well for democrats

Sandra Lee Smith

One may hope… most of those have been purged.


Ever since the Obama/Hillary Benghazi debacle, which I believe constituted treason as defined by the Constitution, Obama and Panetta worked to purge the top military leaders who disagreed with them. That purge is again going on under the Harris/Biden regime.

Sadly, there might not be enough top or medium level officers left who’ll stick to the oath to support and defend the Constitution. The Republic may be in dire trouble.


Don’t worry. Those who matter have not been purged


I hope and pray you’re right.

A retread AF Naviguesser


I think the only one that needs to be locked up and the key thrown away is Figliuzzi. What a whacko, you can tell he has an FBI background.

Judy A Zwyghuizen

Amen Trying to get rid of him Before our Election’s we the people will be Watching this Severely.

Sasha Royale

77 million Trump voters should gather and each throw a piece of
concrete, at these two commiebastards.


OMG! Do they have no concept of what will happen if they do this? (Rhetorical question, I know they don’t have a clue)


First it would turn us into a Banana Republic. Next, this would be a photo op for the ages. No non Democrat would ever vote Dem again. Trump and the others would appeal all the way to the SCOTUS and of course win. There is video proof of anti fa turning the rally into a mob(John L Sullivan anyone?) We also see the doors opened from the inside and protestors marching peacefully. We also have proof that Trump ordered Nat Guard and Nancy refused. You do not incite something and then order the means to suppress it. Then we have the murder of Ashlii Babbitt again captured on video by Anti FA. Just way too much evidence to hide.

Gerald S Ladd

Well the drooling buffoon is well on his way to turning us into a third world shit hole!

Tony W.

Hopefully if the dems are stupid enough to try this we will finally have open warfare on democrats synod bag limits. Shoot as many as you can find.


It may come to that! So hope everyone is ready and willing and able!


Not surprised. After a coup the previous leaders and key supporters are killed.


The Dems version of the United States of Communist America. Or will it be just one more sovereign nation eliminated in the plan for the one world government that Soros, the Rothschilds, etc. are now carrying out, using the pandemic as the impetus to control and the Vaccines as the population reduction and control? And open borders to destroy our borders.


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I tried this and got arrested for FRAUD!!


Isn’t soliciting illegal?

Steve Barrette

There will be a lot of deadd demoncrzts in washington


The problem is not so much this idiot, but the idiots that hired him in the FBI and even more important there are more like him in the FBI.


Hey fignewton! You’re one of the most pathetic pricks ever to work for the FBI!
they sure don’t hire the brightest and the best!


Sadly, they have a number of those working for them right now, including their top commie DS dog Wray.


No they don’t! Look at the swamp dwellers, Nadler, Schumer who looks pussy whipped, the way he follows Pig Lousy, AOC, Mitten Romney, Omar, and her group of 4 or 5 ! I am losing count! there are so many sick Democrats out there!




They’re really going to go ape shit when Trump is president again.


I cannot wait. It is high time to get rid of the fart and his HOE!

Mark Gravitte

You imbeciles can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which gets filled first. You DemonRATS should all be at the gallows awaiting justice for your crimes, high crimes and misdemeanors. You chicken shit bastards hide behind your fence and attempt to rule with an iron fist. Then your commander and thief refers to the military and law enforcement as domestic terrorists. When you drop your gavel and forward your false documents up the ladder you will have started a civil war. There will be no place you can hide. My recommendation is that you solicit blm and antifa as your personal protection detail. Do you idiots really think you can terminate 100 million of us patriots? No you can’t and you won’t. Your call assholes.

Ima Enyurphase

Once you dem-o-rats push things too far IT’S GAME OVER.Soon as the war start’s there won’t be anyplace to hide or protect you.All you dem-o-rats will feel like it’s to be HUNTED DOWN and eliminated,not just some of you,ALL OF YOU! Political class cleansing,the only way to stop communist cancer.And it’ll be long overdue,as things are too far out of whack,and an “adjustment” is in order.So go ahead,”Make our day”.

Ed Shartzer Shartzer

Add in a few RINOS too

Michael Ray

Bring it on! SFC, USA (Ret) Vietnam 69-70

Daniel Quigley

Under Obama the FBI became a weapon for the Liberal Democrats as they forgot the job they are supposed to do and they started investagting Conservatives which by Law was Illegal. Now they want to call Republicans Terrorists? The last thing they want is a war they have zero chance of winning. Not only will 75% of Americans side against this Liberal witch hunt 80% of the world will fight them with us. Time for the FBI to find other lines of work because they are no longer wanted or needed anymore.


Where can I buy a T-Shirt that says “I am Biden’s greatest threat?” on the front, and “White, conservative, racist” on the back. Because I am a white conservative so I must be racist. It’s time to wear such a t-shirt as a badge of honor. Do the Demo-Commies really want a full fledged war? Go arrest Trump and Legislators.


rushordertees. com/?utm_source=customer_io&utm_campaign=design_saved&utm_medium=email&utm_content=logo_header&utm_term=instant


Getting closer and closer to an all out civil war and I guarantee people in government instigating this crap will be hunted down !!


Standard operating procedure for Communists.


The day is coming soon where good men are gonna have to do very bad things to very bad people.


Patriots must do a little evil to do a greater good.


It’s is absurd, talk about the low road. The only planned insurrection was plotted by Democrats to destroy a popular Republican President. One who loves out Country and wants to save out great country from the power seeking predators that want to destroy all we’ve worked so hard to accomplish. Disgusting rats of the lowest level. Lower than a snakes belly wallowing in pig s**t.
We’ve got to stand up to them one way or another. This makes me so damn pissed!


I agree! Pelosi is the one who had this ” insurrection ” requested!


Foolish dems! No matter how hard they try, they can’t get Mr. Trump off of their backs. They seem to be running scared!


They are running scared, and we all know it!


Chuck Todd is a mealy-mouthed lackey of his corporate masters.


Liked Todd at one time. Thought he would be a great replacement for the late host of the show, I believe Meet the Press (sorry,my mind has gone blank as to the former host of the show.) But now, I cannot tolerate his almighty, egotistical love of self.


What they need to do is take closer look at the the police that are waving
The crowd on and standing by ideally doing nothing to stop the crowd. It was a set up from the beginning.

Sandra Lee Smith

Most of Trump’s supporters, and he, were still across town holding the rally, at the time the Capitol incursion occurred! The media & leftists in Congress have LIED about that since Day 1! Just as they have lied about those in the above photo, who are antifa/blm!, not Trump supporters at all. They lied about the Capitol police too, who ESCORTED them through barriers , locked doors to the “right” place where a waiting cop murdered Ashli Babbit; a cop who never got a slap on the wrist, even, for a cold blooded murder of a woman who was NO physical threat to him!


A Brazilian Negro who supported BLM was the hired assassin that gunned down that unarmed patriot military veteran female. A time of reckoning is coming.


Is that the reason they will not give us the name of the Capitol Officer? Where did you get that info?


US Capitol Special Agent David Bailey. Found this article in NWO Reports Dated Apr. 18 2021. How they figured out who. They have screenshots of Bailey proudly BLM Militant and screenshot of wanting to ‘smoke’ Trump supporters. Is this why demorats covered up and no charges? A black BLM supporter “officer’ is allowed to get away with m7rder of a white woman? pass this on, the more who know-(if you believe article)


Yes that’s the reason. A capital cop didn’t do it. It was murder for hire and the BLM/Antifa perp dropped the gun and then dropped to his knees and crawled out of the building asap. Jan 6 was the day war was declared because the left knew President Trump had the backing of freedom loving Americans. The ‘Big Lie” and how it was carried out was going to be exposed. Liars have wings while truth rids a slow horse. Truth will come out, soon I hope, before more damage is done. There are more demands for voter recounts being written up every day. The democrats and their Marxist DA, Garland are fighting recount with all the power they have. I wonder why?


Watch this video.

rumble. com/vdoqzj-everything-wrong-with-the-capitol-shooting-in-21-minutes-or-less-wooz-news.html

No blood spatter on wall behind Babbitt after she falls.
No blood pool on the floor after she is moved 8 inches.
Fake blood only appears after a man presses her neck and it is very, very, small when she is lifted.

Babbitt was a ‘useful idiot’ in a staged ‘False Flag’ FBI Black Op.
Babbitt, if really dead, was killed later.


They will do anything to stop him form running again.


We know what the dems did. We saw it on security camera’s. I don’t think this will continue on as is………… Much longer.

Shirley Hendricks

Here is my thought on this whole issue. Number one is that it was NOT Trump supporters that even did all of this according to reports. It was Antifa and BLM that was involved promoted by Pelosi and her gang. Number two is what about all the riots and burning of the cities and all the destruction during the time of election of our President in 2016. Jim Goodall you are so right it is going to send us into another war and not because of our President Trump but for the guy and his administration that is sitting in our capitol right now. But we have all seen what is good for goose is NOT good for the gander. President Trump is my president and Biden is NOT.

Judy A Zwyghuizen

Have you EVER seen Antifa OR BLM go Inside the Capital Building and PRAY for our Country knowingly it was about to be taken over bu the Wicked and Evil Party Democrats and is proven TRUE also! Re-Count’s PROVE IT> TRUMP is still our Real President Chosen by We the People. and our Commander in Chief. over All America.


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What a ffffffffffff lie!


Wray and Figliuzzi are the leftist terrorists! Arrest them for treason!


” They want a civil war? One side has 8 trillion bullets. On the other side, They can’t even figure out what bathroom to go in ” – Ted Nugent –


Outstanding for Nugent, as usual. Rock ‘n Roll Forever.


Have they lost their minds?


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Sounds like panic is setting in as everyday more truth is uncovered which doesn’t look good for the left.


This IDIOT needs to read the Constitution and law books. First off those he talks about committing Insurrection did NO SUCH THING. The Capital building was CLOSED UNCONSTITUTIONALLY and in VIOLATION of the Oath Congress swears when they take office. Next before any member of Congress can be arrested Congress had to be in recess. That means that some of the Democraps in office would lose their protection from arrest as well and that would be bad for them.


Hey Slo Joe. Whatever happened to “unity”? I attempting to jail your predecessor (on BS charges) your idea of “bringing the country together?

william g munson

Who should be Rounded up is the Ones that wanted Trump out of Office and been trying to impeach Trump for anything without any Evidence and that includes the 293 all Democrats that Voted to Impeach him for a Phone that had over 20 people listening to the Call and no Evidence and went with it anyway and Joe Biden and Hunter Laptop with Evidence of Quid Pro Quo and Hunter Crimes and Not a PEEP out of them on Impeachment or Jailing Hunter YET? What going on here is TREASON Period

A Bit of Thought

If the alleged riots and insurrection on January,6 actually happened, they would have been the saddest excuse for riot and insurrection ever.

Ellis Thorwaldson

This Frank Figliuzzi needs to be in an Insane asylum for life, never to be let out.

Mark Gravitte

The son-of-a-bitches are desperate! They know the guillotine is about to fall. I pray to God that President Trump is back in the White House very soon!

Steve Barrette

Co mie Pelosi and her two ol pp wil, burn


I have a rather pertinent question: How the hell did this asshole ever get in the FBI?


Do it. I fk in g dare you. We will unleash hell on the Left.


I think the Democrats are pushing for a revolution so they can lock thousands of conservatives in stock aids after they kill a few thousand. Anything to stop the counting of illegal ballots and rigged voting machines.a nd stop a commission concerning Jan 6th. The deep state and the Democrats know they will lose both of these cases should the come before a legal judicial system. Even the press knows the truth is closing in on them. The only our for them would be to start a war and win it. We have to be prepared for the charge and make sure we win.

Lorraine E Blazich

The January 6th so called riots was SET UP by the democrats three weeks before it happened. The democrats ordered the D.C. police to allow antifa and BLM to merge with the patriots and it was antifa and BLM who broke into the capitol. Certainly many not too bright patriots followed them into the capitol for the democrats’ completely controlled press to record. It was all a big SET UP so that the democrats could blame President Trump for the invasion.


Chuckie Todd, you are such a lame stream media ass hole! You are not even a journalist, so why not give it a rest. You have no idea what you are talking about, and stop repeating the lies you are telling yourself! Those lies are a form of mental illness, same as Beijing Biden and the Biden Crime Family patriarch! You should be fired because you are such a poor anchor!


I wonder how much pelosi paid these fools for this photo,, in order to lie about President Trump?


Just try to arrest President Donald J. Trump, the legitimate President of the United States, with that senile, illegitimate, plagiarizing crook squatting in the WH! We’ll come after all you communist bastards so fast you won’t know what hit you.


Good luck with that bs.

Mark Gravitte

Hey, DemonRATS. If it’s misery you seek I think you have it. You try that absurd shit and you better have a one-way plane ticket to Iran, Somalia, Pakistan etc…


If you arrest Trump and other GOP members , you will have 3 million armed citizens taking out DC ! Enough of this crap !

Cookie Bruno

Lets count how many FBI agents and operatives were in the group that attacked the capitol on Jan. 6th. All of that is just coming out now. All planned by McConnell, Schumer , Pelosi and Obama.

know your enemy

The only one I see flying a red flag in Americans faces are these commie, terrorist loving demosh!ts! What is it that when these old people retire that can’t do it peacefully. They have to keep talking garbage about what they think

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