Pizza Delivery Man Shoots Masked Robber Trying To Rob Him

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In a stunning turn of events late Tuesday night in Philadelphia, an armed pizza delivery man thwarted two would-be carjackers in the parking lot of a Chestnut Hill apartment complex.

According to Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small, two masked men with guns had approached the 21-year-old driver as he was dropping off food and forced him into the back seat of his car.

The suspects then began demanding money from the delivery man and asking about apps on his phone that could get them more funds.

It was at this moment that the delivery man took matters into his own hands, getting out of the vehicle and confronting one of the suspects.

He then fired two shots, hitting one suspect who fled 300 feet before being taken into custody. The other suspect managed to escape into Springfield Township while police searched for a gun that may have been tossed away from the scene.

According to NBC10 in Philadelphia:

Two masked men with guns approached the 21-year-old deliveryman as he was dropping off food, Small said.

“He was being carjacked and robbed,” Small said.

“One of them forced the 21-year-old deliveryman into the back seat and one of the perpetrators got into the backseat with him,” Small said. “The other perpetrator got into the front seat. And they started asking him for money.”

The robbers then wanted to know where the man worked and if he had any apps on his phone that he could use to get money to them, Small said.

The deliveryman was able to get out of the vehicle and confront one of the robbers, firing two shots, Small said. The would-be robber was struck once in the backside.

Police found one of the would-be robbers about 300 feet away and got him to the hospital where he was in stable condition while in surgery, police said. The man was being held as a prisoner and charges were expected.

Amazingly enough, it was later revealed that he was actually on speakerphone with his brother when this all went down – who himself works at their shared restaurant – and heard everything occurring over the phone line.

He quickly rushed over to help his brother out once it seemed clear that things were escalating beyond his control. The brother is now being interviewed by police as a witness to what transpired.

The takeaway from this story is much larger than just one individual’s heroic acts. It serves as yet another reminder of both our right to defend ourselves and our capacity for courage even when faced with life-threatening circumstances like these ones.

It also highlights how important it is for us to remain aware, no matter where we are or what time we find ourselves traveling at night – something which can make all the difference between disaster and safety for anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in danger like this particular pizza delivery driver did.




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