Pictures Leaked From Biden’s Podium & It Has America Terrified, He’s Not All There!

In Case You Missed This … Until last month we were ragging on the White House, asking why there has not been a single press conference held by Biden since he took office.  Well, yesterday Biden held one and … oh my God, they were right, we would have been much better off had Biden never put on that terrifying display of mental ineptitude.

This morning the United States of America is the most vulnerable is has ever been.  NO ONE in the world can possibly respect or fear this country with a show of complete incompetence.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Joe Biden had a binder of notes waiting for him today at his first press conference.

Like a parrot, he read off all of his foreign policy answers including his entire answer to the North Korea question.

And Biden was calling on reporters from his prepared list.

It appears Joe Biden needed photos to identify the reporters in the room.

President Joe Biden looks on notes as he answers questions from journalists during the first formal press conference of his presidency. (EPA/OLIVER CONTRERAS / POOL)

The room was nearly empty.

Biden struggled to get through the prepared list of reporters to call on.

He fumbled through his notes.’

After the terrifyingly revealing ‘press conference’ which proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Joe Biden is not capable of form a single rational, coherent thought, Joe fled the podium, leaving his bider of cheatsheets behind.

This man is supposed to run the ‘free world’ … perhaps this is a good little example of why the ‘free world’ is no longer ‘free’.


Please pray for our nation.  If we are ever to have a real election again, pray that the incredible damage done by this ‘administration’ can be undone and that the American Dream is not lost forever.

Via: Getty Images

Has it ever been more clear that ‘Covid’ is the cover all excuse to do anything and EVERYTHING the Marxists want to dismantle the United States, and our Constitution?

These hand picked reporters were places 6 feet apart so that only a few stooges that Biden knew would not really challenge him on anything were present.

The CCP has to be laughing all the way to global domination.  If you think things are bad now … just wait to see where we are in a few years.

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