Peter Doocy Just Trapped Psaki In A Corner – Checkmate!!

White House Correspondent Peter Doocy may very well force Jen Psaki to resign. I’m almost willing to bet if this latest back-and-forth between Doocy and the White House Press Secretary had continued, Psaki would have cracked.

In their latest exchange, Doocy set Psaki up for failure. Every question he asked Psaki he already knew the answers to. It was a skillful exchange where Doocy gave Psaki just enough rope to hang herself.

It’s clear that Doocy expected to do what she does best, and lie, so he staged his questions to humiliate her. He began by asking how many Haitians were being dumped in the United States by the Biden administration. Psaki tried to brush Doocy’s question off and refer him over to the DHS chief. That’s when Doocy went in for the kill:

Doocy: “You’re telling us that the DHS chief has the most recent numbers about how many of these Haitians under the bridge have been sent back and how many have been released into the U.S.  The DHS chief is telling us that he doesn’t know.  So, who else can we ask?”

MS. PSAKI:  “You can certainly ask the Department of Homeland Security.  I am confident, Peter —

Doocy: “The chief says he doesn’t know.”

MS. PSAKI:  “I am confident he wanted to have the most up-to-date numbers, and we will venture to get you those, I promise you, this afternoon.”

Doocy: “Is this an issue of not knowing, or is this an issue of a lot more people are being released into the U.S. than are being sent out?”

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MS. PSAKI:  “That is certainly not the issue.  First, I think it’s important to reiterate what I conveyed earlier about what the actual process is: Individuals are expelled under Title 42.  If they can’t be expelled under Title 42, they are put into a removal process.  If they’re put into a removal process, they’re either transported to an ICE facility or released with a legal document.  That legal document includes fingerprints, photos, phone numbers, an address in the United States, and a background check.  That’s the process that transpires.  That’s a part of our immigration process, regardless of where you’re coming from.”

Doocy: “And just because you keep using Title 42 to defend this administration’s immigration policies: That is a Trump-era regulation.  You guys came in saying that the Trump-era immigration policy was very inhumane.”

MS. PSAKI: “Title 42 is not an immigration policy; it is a — it is a health authority because we’re in the middle of a pandemic.  The Trump administration’s approach to immigration was inhumane and was immoral.  That’s why we need to put a new policy in place, and we need Congress to pass that policy.”

Doocy went on to ask Psaki how many times Biden has visited the border. The snarky WH Press Sec sarcastically asked ‘in his lifetime?’ and again didn’t know the answer. But Doocy did and he was all too happy to fill in the oblivious Psaki.

Never, Biden has never been to the border…


Psaki tried to call Trump’s policies inhumane so, I have to have to ask…

What’s more inhumane? Forcing people to stay in Mexico while they go through proper channels to obtain legal citizenship—Or the current humanitarian dumpster fire Biden has caused?

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Christina Robleto

We need more Peter Doocy’s questioning this corrupt administration

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James Etheridge

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Google is made up of Communists and misinformation!!! Stop spreading their lies!!!


No, we do not need more questions what we need is for the worthless, feckless, lunatic, idiots to vacate every Government facility that these things occupy. PERIOD!!!!

Joy Cochran

Yes we do need more of his questions thrown at her. Break that liar Peter.

Stuart Van Tine

Peter is doing a great job. Too great. What are the ‘Vegas odds that the corrupt Bidenistas* will find an excuse to toss him out of the press corps before Thanksgiving? *Bidenistas (noun) Agents trying to establish socialism in USA just as Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela.


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Nicolas P Cignetti

Words, words, words!!!!! Action needs to be taken quickly.

Orange peel

How about asking her does it make her feel good about lying everyday to cover up for Biden stupidity and destroying America!


Yes, that would be a good questions! We all know the answer, but it would be fun embarrassing her ! She is so dumb, she may not know she is being embarrassed!


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Never in my life have I had so much smoke blown up my rear-end in all my 67 years.

aliza ava

nice post


That is for sure! She sure knows how to do that real good!

aliza ava


aliza ava

very well

Chy Rippenstein

Once again this lying twit paints the false narrative of children being ripped from parent’s hands under the Trump era when it has been proven hundreds of times that no children were torn from their parent’s hands. This is all media propaganda and anyone with a functioning prefrontal cortex knows this. Not to mention that if these “illegal” aliens didn’t take it upon themselves to break American laws by crossing our borders, then none of these scenarios, real or otherwise media-colored, would be occurring. Trump made his plan clear when he undertook construction of the wall he promised Americans. Now Biden and his merry band of traitors are tearing that wall down. How does this lessen the influx of illegals into a nation currently overrun with illegals swamping our borders? This administration has one goal – destroy America.


But talking about a functioning prefrontal cortex, many democrats do not have this privilege ! You are correct, this administration has one goal, and that is to destroy America. This was Obama’s plan in 2008-2016 and now he is back as puppet master to Biden!

Joanna Branigan

Take title 42 and shove it where the sun don’t shine. You sure play STUPID good!!!


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She can dance around question better then anybody I have ever seen. Giving non answers to questions we want answers to is what she does best




She is as corrupt as the rest of the admin!


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make sure your paying tour taxes bitch

Fed Up With the Sell-Out


More and more sites like this have surrendered to the scammers.



I would pet she PEED her pants when she was caught time after time LYING by Peter Doocy!


She is just a misfit and a dumb twit!


Thanks for asking the right questions Peter Doocy, She will continue to lie, but at least we are all aware of these lies!

aliza ava

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She can’t tell the truth. How does she sleep with all of these lies…just answer the question honestly and tell the truth. How hard is that?


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Gerald Ladd

Pissack has to lie, to cover killer blow hole Joe’s lies!

Joneta Davis

Every time I look at her I Literally see S-T-U-P-I-D written across her forehead !!!! Raggedy Ann needs to get back in the toy box !


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At first I did not like Peter being on Fox and felt that he only got the job because his dad works at Fox but Peter has well earned his keep. He is far better then half the seasoned staff at Fox and thousands of times better then Chris, Geraldo, Williams and a dozen others.


To the many who are posting spam here, I am not hungry so I do not need your spam.

Also I will NEVER do business with anyone that spams sites like this, I will never buy anything that calls me out of the blue and wants to sell me something NEVER

Finny smith

Keep up the good work with starkly little bish Peter. We need more of you.

John Mills

muzzled journalists ask searching questions


Peppermint Patty is always so full of shit. Every answer involves tapdancing and lies. She’s terrible..

Mark Gravitte

That has to be the dumbest most gullible bitch on this planet. Disgraceful!

T. Andrews

I very much enjoy watching these exchanges and sometimes I say “ka’ ching” when a question is asked. Possibly Ms. P should start searching for a new job. There are a number of opportunities which pop up when I’m on this website.

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