Pentagon BREAKS SILENCE: Admits Biden Lied About Trapped Families In Afghanistan

According to defense officials, several dozen immediate family members of U.S. service members are still in Afghanistan. “There are well over 100 extended family members still in Afghanistan, but it’s not clear how many of them want to leave the country,” NBC News states, citing the officials.

So much for the claims that there are only a few people remaining or that the ones left want to stay. Reports show that the Pentagon plans to set up efforts to evacuate the remaining family members as they are in clear danger.

Back in late September, Texas Rep. Michael McCaul (R) sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken in which he stated, “If we abandon the family members of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, they will certainly be slaughtered by the Taliban.” He wrote:

“The United States’ deadly and chaotic exit from Afghanistan has left a stain on our country for generations. Many Americans have been left behind by the Biden Administration and thousands, if not tens of thousands of our Afghan partners and their families were also abandoned.

Over the last month, I have been contacted by hundreds of Texans who are desperately trying to get friends and family members safely out of the country. While we have been able to help some, many are trapped. There are reports of several hundred of people, including American citizens, who have been waiting over a week for charted flights to take off from Mazar-i-Sharif airport.

That includes the family members of several Texans who currently serve in the military. They have been working night and day to safely evacuate their family members. But their efforts so far have not been successful. These brave men and women have volunteered to risk their lives to protect our country. Yet, now, when they need us the most, the federal government has turned our backs on them. If we abandon the family members of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, they will certainly be slaughtered by the Taliban.

I am asking for you to provide me with details of how many U.S. service members have family currently trapped in Afghanistan and your agencies are doing to secure their evacuation.”

Biden’s administration has lied, or at least not been forthcoming, about how many Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan. If anything, their claims that people that remain ‘want to stay’ makes me believe they’re leaving themselves a layer of doubt in responsibility if anyone else gets killed in this failed exit.

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First, the totally greedy, insensitive cretins posted below who are piggybacking on this vital national issue, apparently are completely devoid of any shame or compassion for those deserted Americans who were abandoned in Afghanistan. They obviously couldn’t give a sh!t about their fellow citizens. Second, the complete incompetence, selfishness, and stupidity of Sleazy Sliden Biden simply cannot be allowed to continue to destroy our once great nation (under Trump) as he perpetuates the destruction of America. It’s incredible how much damage he has been able to accomplish in just a few months. God help us!!


Not a democRAT alive that should be.


Eleven comments on this one, and only two were actually related to the article.
Can’t we rid this site of these leeches who infiltrate this space with their bs money-making schemes?


Folks, for those of you who do not know Godfather Joe very well let me provide you some trivia. I got to know the Godfather in the mid-seventies while supervising an investigation into the international drug trade and money laundering . Over the years he quickly became one of my favorite subjects though his ignoramus activities bought out the lazy cop in me and he was a principal in my branding myself as a mercenary. You see, the Godfather has routinely announced his attentions before committing the crime. Then boldly committing the crime the light of day. And, finally bragging about and/or denying the acts in the most entertaining manner. The incidents of late including the one discussed in this article is just old Godfather Joe being Joe. Only thing you young folks have to worry about is how the consequences of his crimes may be your end!

Soldier/Cop/Mercenary, Retired
PS Yes, to we soldiers and cops when those elected/appointed to lead us are less than candid with us (whether co-mission or omission) they have committed a sin. Sooner or later we will make them pay for their sins, with or without God’s help!


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Mark Gravitte

The crooked, corrupt son-of-a-bitch has never told the truth. obiden has uttered nothing that even closely resembles the truth his entire miserable existence. The damn pervert touches kids nipples, gropes their private areas, sniffs their hair, tells the world he loves children riding on his lap. The best one is when he offers kids ice cream. That’s what pedophiles do to lure children into their confidence so they can molest them. I mean this weirdo is Caligula reincarnated. I will be more than happy to piss on his grave when they bury the pervert. I don’t want to hear from any of you libtards about President Trump! Trump was far to busy building an empire to sexually entertain kids like obiden. What a damn disgrace! You think things can’t get any more absurd? The old demented fool then farts in front of the Royals. What a fucking disgrace he is! Losers!

Desert Dweller

Just haul the miserable, demonic prick out and HANG HIM! and televise it..let the whole world know how we handle traitors imho

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