Pence’s Connection To Ashli Babbitt’s Killer Just Got Exposed

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As Americans fight to identify the man who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, whose identity has remained hidden from the public, a report from the Spectator suggests that her murderer was a Secret Service agent assigned to the disgraced former Vice President Mike Pence.

Many Americans have been led to believe that Capitol Police were responsible for the horrific execution of the unarmed veteran patriot, Ashli Babbitt, during the chaotic event at the US Capitol building on January 6. However, a new report from the Spectator suggests that her killer was a member of the United States Secret Service on security detail for former Vice President Mike Pence.

The report, titled Who killed Ashli Babbitt? says “sources close to and within the intelligence community tell Cockburn that Babbitt was actually shot by a member of then-vice president Mike Pence’s protective detail. The VP’s detail, of course, is provided by US Secret Service, not the Capitol Police. One person asserted to Cockburn over drinks in DC that this is ‘basically an open secret’ in the intelligence community.”

According to the Spectator report, “law enforcement sources suggested that the Capitol Police Department and Department of Justice have publicly identified the shooter as a Capitol Police officer in order to protect the reputation of the Secret Service.”

The Spectator suggests that the government has not been open and honest about the killer’s identity due to these revelations. The report continues, “Michael Brendan Dougherty floated the idea that Babbitt was shot by Secret Service on his Twitter account in early June, writing in response to Aaron Babbitt’s lawsuit, ‘I mean, at this point you have to suspect that it’s not a Capitol cop.’ He replied ‘SS’ when asked who he thought could have been responsible instead.”

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Others have speculated that Babbitt’s killer was Capitol Police Special Agent David Bailey, however, authorities released a statement denying his involvement, as did Babbitt’s family. “As the investigation continues into the events of January 6, 2021, it’s important to correct misinformation some in the media have reported, and that’s been shared on social media. Reports identifying Special Agent David Bailey as the officer involved in the shooting in the Speaker’s Lobby are inaccurate.”

The Spectator reached out to Mike Pence’s team for comment and was directed to the Secret Service, who were given a full 24 hours to respond. The Secret Service ultimately did not provide comment.

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The war between good and evil is just beginning. Evil is winning so far but the strength of good people is as the strength of ten because their motifs are pure.
If the light in Liberty’s torch goes out there could be a long nightmare and darkness. However freedom has, through history, .lay dormant in the hearts of free people for only so long,. never forever.

Col. Al Schweitzer, IV

Another U.S. Civil War is coming….our foreign enemies will pick up the pieces!
I have a couple nukes and an F-15 on order!
Yes, I can fly a plane and the nukes are much smaller than you may think!


They are small enough to fly in any light aircraft, at least the suitcase models. And you can fly below radar in a small plane, but you better have a long delay on the nuke,, or you will go up with the blast!

Sandra Lee Smith

WILL be, 7 yrs long; it’s already written. So is the end of the story…

David in MA

Well, between obama and Biden the 7 years is up and it will soon become evident Trump has been chosen to face the evil, AGAIN, but this time will be the victor.


Everyone should absolutely be praying for Trumps return. Let us pray:… Dear Lord we pray to you today and ask you to please return to us our beloved President Donald J. Trump to lead our country. Please don’t allow the dimocrats to further destroy our country… In Jesus name we pray…… Amen

Terry Freeman



The 7 years have not started yet. There will be no missing it when it does.

Andy Thomas

He was/is the victor. This is in the Plan. POTUS Trump let them win the fake election (we have been under Marshall Law well before POTUS Trump left and no change in leadership is allowed. Biden won nothing at all, only a game.). POTUS Trump used it to catch all the crooked cheating election people all over the country otherwise it would just happen again.

Steve Johnson

Don’t care WHO the man worked for that murdered Ashli. I only want justice for this foul deed. Why are the Democrat cowards hiding so much? This is beginning to feel like we’re in communist China.


because they were the hores that ordered it all, much like paying for the wuhan lab leak.. that african scum bag that was shatting in the oral office for 8 years with his leg hump, joey, was wanting to fundamentally change the USA… what she will look like when Real Americans get through will not be what the negros and morons are hoping for..

Sandra Lee Smith

Worse! It’s the beginning of the NWO!


no its the end for them. people all over the world feel the same as us. we will not nor should not let this play continue.


At the moment we are…we just don’t know it yet… We need TRUMP…TRUMP…TRUMP

Col. Al Schweitzer, IV

Well, at least you come closer than usual to real news….it’s the “bait with a head line”…then switch to a “WE know but won’t tell you” journalistic path.
Come on, y’all…you’re better than this! WTF shot Ashli Babbitt???


seems that no media is above that Col… have been reading “bombshell this and bombshell that” for over a year now.. the only thing actually happening is the police are being trashed, history is being trashed, the truth is being trashed and the commie hores are winning… not for long the Silent Real Americans are nearing the “full mark” and the hoped for result of the rioters and their democrat KKK handlers will be VERY different that the sewer that they were hoping to construct.. our schools are infected indoctrination centers and the media is the PIO office of the communists… we have morons worried that their perversion is not being accepted while a few thousand miles away a budding communist regime is planning on the defeat of the USA.. scum bag maonaize started his war with the USA when he did his Korea thing, he has not stopped. billy “the rapist traitor’s” efforts at anointing the ccp as “most favored trading nation” coupled with the worldwide shopping spree in chinkee winkee land has give the commies that essential 1 2 punch at global military capability.. you have already suggested the correction needed ..

Sandra Lee Smith

This time, I think it really was a cop who shot her, but he never ID’d himself as police, called for her to freeze, OR essayed non-lethal means to subdue, as procedure calls for, as she was in NO position to be an imminent threat to anyone!


May that person be condemned to a fiery Hell.

Scott High

Obviously the Capitol Police were covering up for the Secret Service agent. Regrdless who fired the shot, I don’t buy into the BS narative about self-defense nor protecting members of Congress. This was a “bad shooting” against a female who was off balance and climbing through a window (or upper part of a door) with no weapon in her possession nor any weapons exhibited by other peaceful demonstrators. The Secret Service Protective Detail does not have a license to kill and must be held to a higher responsibility than other law enforcement agencies. After all, they are trained to assess and react in many differeing scenarios and can’t panic — or have their finger on the trigger before determining the immediate threat.


Question is… why did they invite them in, then murder Ashli Babbitt in cold blood… and why did so many of the capitol police resign afterwards ?


Unfortunately this will go nowhere in the light of the lies and hysteria produced by the scummy democrats in DC. Now if Ashli were a negro hore with a career criminal history the shouting and rioting in the streets would still be going on… just think, one negro drug using career criminal was killed resisting arrest and the idiots, morons, and darkies around the world rioted, burned, looted and helped little honkie air heads pull down statues and set fire to police cars… Police officer get killed after being lured into an ambush and the hores and the media celebrate..

Sandra Lee Smith

Capitol police chief claimed him as theirs, OANN ID’d him as theirs, & at least 1 video showed him “playing” w/ his weapon as if anxious to use it on someone… anyone… just prior to the incursion! OANN archives should also still have the name they gave, when he was released back to normal duties. Either way, it was a cold-blooded, & apparently pre-planned shooting, albeit they didn’t apparently care who the victim was, just so it was a conservative!

David in MA

America’s very own KGB?


Eventually the evil truth will be exposed

Chris Wolf

When the video was first available, the guy who shot Ashli had on a jacket that looked a lot like the one John Sullivan had on that day. Although he was a paid participant in the breach of the capitol, he hasn’t been charged with anything.


cause he works for the fbi… there were many g men involved in the destruction.


We are living in a ” Bazzarrow ” World. Where good is now bad… bad is now good… right is now wrong and wrong is now right. Our country has become very mentally ill thanks to dimocrats who have made it their mission to destroy ourcountry… 2024 can’t come soon enough…….TRUMP 2024 !!!!!

Robin Kapanka

LOL.. Babbitt is not dead and Pense is a Deep State Useful Idiot & a Pedophile. No more to be said…


You really have it out for Pence don’t you. I don’t agree with his vote either but that hardly calls for trying to link him to a murder. That is injustice. If you want to accuse him of not understanding his responsibility fine but don’t let your emotions cloud your own thinking.


There was a video that showed the shooter to be dark skinned, another reason they are protecting the identity!!

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