Pence Is Busted By Conflicting Media Reports About His Jan. 6th Behavior And Those Rival Electors

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Mike Pence is a deceitful character who is being promoted to us by The Heritage Foundation as a concerned Republican; however, he has no fan base or swells of support, and frankly, he never did.  And he certainly doesn’t now after the massive betrayal to President Donald J. Trump and his over 80 Million supporters who will never view Pence favorably, even after a recent PR column in the Daily Signal website, for Heritage, where Pence pretends to be concerned about elections.

“Double-Talk Update: VP Pence made unique, substantive & secret rule changes to prevent a debate on rival electors proposed by multiple state legislatures on Jan 6th. So well hidden, it took a congressional expert until 3AM to find & report them. Now Mr. Pence has an all-new tune..”Rasmussen reported on Friday, in response to a post by Kyle Cheney, who had been investigating Mike Pence’s actions on Jan 6th. See Cheney’s post below.

This is a common tactic for the GOP to use to try to shut people out; they use burdensome and heaving “parliamentary” rules to confuse people.  The same exact thing the GOP did to try to take the nomination away from Trump at the RNC Convention in 2016, by the way, and how the party attempted to rid itself of the Trump delegates, so they could use Cruz delegates.

I have long said that people need to learn the crazy Roberts Rules of Order to deal with the deceitful political class.

Rasmussen Reports writes,” RIVAL ELECTORS SHUT OUT: VP Mike Pence references unnamed “parliamentarian’s” to prevent bring competing state legislature supported electors into consideration. It took until almost 3AM for  @kyledcheneyto to find these. Kudos to him. Pence scope language changes are noted below.:

Here is the proof of the flip-flop by Pence, from Cheney, a Congressional reporter for Politico who posted a string of posts on Jan 7th:

“It’s 2:55 a.m., and I just figured out how Pence massaged the rules of the Electoral College counting session to avoid introducing the “rival” slates of Trump electors. These are the instructions VPs have given out at the start in each of the last 5. Note the difference?

LDR: The law specifies that the VP must introduce all “purported” electoral votes. This year that might’ve included the unserious/mock Trump electors. But Pence worked with the parliamentarian to interpret it so only electors backed by a state “authority” would be introduced.

Note how Pence emphasizes, before introduced each state, that not only is the slate of electors “regular” and “authentic,” but that the parliamentarian has advised him is the only one backed by a state “authority.” That is not a regular acknowledgment at these sessions.

A lot of people are interested in this process. Even had Pence introduced these electors, which it’s not entirely clear he had the authority to do, they would be legally invalid and unable to be counted by Congress. It would have accomplished nothing except making a lot of people angrier,” Cheney wrote.


So if it was no “biggie,” why is Pence now appearing to cover up those details? Why is he painting his actions in a different light?

Rasmussen brings up a good point that it appears from Pence’s Daily Signal column, he is misdirecting readers to believe he had to stop counting because of the events of Jan. 6th at the US Capitol, which conveniently temporarily paused the counting that many people were attempting to watch unfold?

We were never given an explanation of what happened to those slates of electors or what Pence did exactly.

Now we have a better idea, which we can see from some deceitful double wording.


Pence’s behavior since Jan 6th has been confusing and self-serving. His column in the Daily Signal on March 3rd is strange and awkward. He seems to be trying to damage control on his failing political career.  Here he seems to be attempting to pretend to be a Republican again. But the whole March 3rd column rings hollow.

It is very odd.

Pence’s column didn’t receive much support online.

Pence spoke at an event this past Saturday in Orlando that was not well attended; in fact, the media didn’t address it all.

Recently at CPAC, in a straw poll, Pence received 1% support. No matter how he tries to spin in now, Pence will remain the focus of anger by the American people for his lack of transparency over one of the most defining moments in American history when he appeared to be playing a lot of dramatic games with his drinking buddies on the Hill. At the same time, Americans looked on in horror at the betrayal by our very wealthy and powerful civil servants, who completely refused to represent our concerns about the 2020 Presidential election.

If I had to guess, I would guess that Pence is slightly surprised that his betrayal of Trump has pushed him to the bottom of the garbage heap, while others clamor to get Trump’s support.

In the end, Pence may have betrayed himself the most, thinking he was going to be the King of the GOP. Instead, he finds himself all alone and writing nonsense columns that no one reads because the American people are not going to abandon Trump. No one even has to promise them a VP position in exchange for their support.

Trump’s support comes from a massive Populist movement in the United States driven by economic nationalism, and there is nothing to put that “genie back in the bottle” for the GOP.

Pence should have paid attention the last 4 years.

If Pence thinks he is just going to drop a column in the Daily Signal, the second column since 2011, and get back into the good graces of Americans, he is very wrong.

There is no way back for him.




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