USA Today’s Susan Page interviewed Nancy Pelosi for her book  Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Power. The conversation hit on the accusation from the 1950s where her brother was accused of being in a group that gang-raped two underage girls.

In that interview, Pelosi proved she is selectively a feminist. She never believes the woman when the predator is a Democrat or a close relative.

A group of young men including  Franklin Delano Roosevelt D’Alesandro, Pelosi’s brother. Pelosi said she never believed the accusers. But the thing is that every one of the boys was convicted, except Pelosi’s brother.

Did I mention that the mayor of Baltimore at the time was Pelosi’s father?  I guess corruption runs in the family.

Her brother has since passed away, and the scandal had not been mentioned in a long time prior to the interview.

These revelations are potentially politically explosive. Pelosi should have avoided discussing it all. It dredges up the entire sordid affair and people will wonder why the mayor’s son is the only one who was not convicted of the crimes.

At this point in time, no one really knows what happened, and he might have been innocent of the crime. But the real point of this story is why in the world did Pelosi dig up old skeletons?

From Breitbart News

These revelations are potentially politically explosive for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they bring to the forefront of political discussion the gruesome details of the allegations against her now-deceased brother yet again—which have not been explored in decades.

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They were briefly mentioned in a Baltimore Sun obituary for Pelosi’s brother in 2007, but the facts of the case—including the fact that everyone else charged was convicted and the judge’s curious instructions to the jury ahead of their deliberations on the charges against the then-mayor’s son—have not been fleshed out in the modern era politically.

Perhaps more superficially, Pelosi’s comments about the matter also undercut a key Democrat talking point in the MeToo era where powerful men have gone down over allegations against them from women. Democrats have claimed they want to “believe all women.”



Steven Ahle

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Yet she believed that phony baloney who accused kavanaugh without any witnesses or evidence…go retire in an old folks home where you belong pelosi and take biden with you:}


Believed? She wrote the script.

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Last edited 9 months ago by Melinda
Most dems are Hateful EVIL Liars

pelosi you dingdong. your whole family gang rapes the American citizens!!

Harry O

Donald Trump is older than both of them lmao!! Hang Mike Pense

Dawn Doran

Pelosi is older than Trump…She’s 82 years old and Trump is 77 years old…

Patricia Borlen

Trump is 75.

Mike Noneed

Pelosi is a JOKE!! A one that wants to ruin US with Slow Joe, the Hoe and all the other DEMORATS!


That is the only motive they all have,,,they all need to go before a firing squad,,,

Ann Marie

You should be first on that line


Are you a DemoRats lover AnnMarie?


GO kiss her ass IDIOT


Are you projecting? Is that your way of addressing women liebchen?

I take it you’re resorting to such boorishness as you’re unable to write cogently. It’s so progressive.


only stupid criminal women …

Harry O

Thank you Recce! That needed to be said!! ha ha Hang Mike Pense!


Pull your head out of our own ass first.

Harry O

No Mike she is someone with a brain in her head. Hang Mike Pense!


Has Farahkan committed treason as a number of Democrats have?

alfredo dizon

I guess you will be joining them for the everlasting bar-b-que as the main fuel for the fire.


On the line as a shooter that is.


We know where you live.


After you, Commie trash.


Have all or any of the Democrat committed a treasonable offense deserving of execution? Hint; some have.


You are so right, they are cancer we should be trying to cure, and they are malignant.

Gary Rhodes

The coming Civil War will cure them at a cost of approx 75¢ per demoscum

alicia regina cervera

She is a bad sad joke.!


Mike, you misspelled it. It is spelled “DEMON-RATS”!


My error


It is…DemonicRats. You are welcome, 🙂

Phyllis Boyse

demonKKKrats is the real word.

Phyllis Boyse

Yes old Namby-Pamby Legosy is a joke but more than that she is a total CRIMINAL in every sense of the word, just like her brother, her father, all her siblings, her husband.


Pelosi and her DemoRat cohorts make the Mafia look like Choir Boys.


Pelosi is no joke! She’s a clear and present DANGER to our Constitutional Republic, or what’s left of it.

Still, a thumbs up.

Gary Rhodes

All her wealth needs to be confiscated and put back in the government coffers along with all the other demoscums wealth and then they all need to be executed for treason.


They ALL need to be executed for treason? How so? What’s the definition of treason and where is it found in US law?

Let’s be careful in our accusations. Some have committed treason, others have committed sedition. Some are just plain crooks, but not all. And not all Republicans are saints.

Harry O

Aint you clever at making up names Why dont you go and Hang Mike Pense!

Philip Hammersley

D’alasandro crime family! Sorta like the Cuomos, huh?

alicia regina cervera

Sorta like the CAMORRA in Italy, sorta like the God father .


Or the Biden crime family.

Mark Gravitte

Old 80 proof pelosi is a worthless pile of cow shit. I will be glad when she is gone. We now have a sleepy criminal and a whore running the country. God help us.

Bernard Zamostny

Please don’t insult cow shit like that! What did cow shit ever do to you?

Mark Gravitte

You’re right. Apologies.




Tell us, where did the rumor come from that Pelosi is an alcoholic? As I’ve read from reliable sources, the seditionist would be autocrat doesn’t drink alcohol. Can you cite an reliable sources to the contrary?

George Goulet

Judicial Watch has much information about Pelosi’s weekly in-flight expenses averaging $1,000 per week, etc. That’s 2 flights, as she flies home every weekend, first-class of course, where the gourmet meals are included. I am satisfied, from what I have seen and heard from her and what I have read, that she is a heavy drinker. I have lived with and worked all my life with heavy drinkers. I know the signs. I commend you for being curious and asking. It should be easy to get an accurate assessment, especially if your search engine is not google.


I’ve heard the claims that Pelosi spends $52,000/wk for flying. But that doesn’t show that she drinks booze. I know she once wanted to use the AF jets from Andrews, but it was denied for that amount of trips.

I’ve also used both Bing and DuckDuckGo and have seen both pro and con arguments on her drinking habits. None of the for arguments offer definitive proof. Gibiru discounts most of the claims.

I realize we conservatives want to believe the worst about real enemies of the REPUBLIC, especially would be autocrats who may have visions of becoming VP with Harris and then President should something like Arkancide befall Harris. But I believe Pelosi is just not operating on all eight cylinders, or four, or two.

Of course my main concern is her proclivity for, shall we say less desire for democracy at work. Her example of the passing of what I believe was the unconstitutional ACA in the House was the most infamous one. Nor do I cotton to her double standards when it comes to conduct of politicians of each party. She wants Rep. Green out for prior remarks but won’t oust a man who slept with a Chinese spy from a sensitive committee assignment and then warned her so she could escape. And then there were he two unfounded drives to impeach Pres. Trump. Finally, there’s HR1. Personally, I believe she’s a clear and present danger to the Republic.



Everyone will understand when she dies of liver disease. I’ve known a few people that drank themselves into an early grave, and nobody knew they were drinkers. Alcoholics are masters at hiding their drinking habits, and they don’t appear drunk even with high blood-alcohol readings. Just wait and see.

Dawn Doran

She is, just like Hillary…

Mark Gravitte

I have seen with my own eyes the old bitch receiving alcoholic drinks on several TV stations. We don’t have cable TV any longer because it’s just sensationalism.

alicia regina cervera

too bad t aint cyanide.

William R Thompson Jr

I have seen several videos where she has slurred her words and lost her train of thought. If she wasn’t drunk, she has some form of dementia. Or both!

Most dems are Hateful EVIL Liars

pistlosi and bohner were drinking buddies.




Can you post the site of the videos please?


Years ago, Nancy’s bar tab for her aircraft was posted. $200,000.


Dictator Pelosi Pollack is Drunken Old HAG. Her and Sister Bass Mouth Mad Maxi Water’s shear the same Bottle Dah in and Dag ojt.


thats exactly what they are,, how much longer are the decent people of this country putting up with this,,,we cant wait till mid term election,,start the impeachments now

alicia regina cervera

And a marxist muslim behind the scenes!,

Gary Rhodes

Heels up Harris, Horizontal Harris, Joe’s Ho, Joe and the Ho. They would all be funny if it wasn’t our country and families at stake. Hopefully the coming Civil War will cure this disease.

Dawn Doran

She’s 82 years old…


Totally agree!

Patricia George

Pelosi is the epitome of a sociopath…dangerous for the good of society. She should have been charged criminally years ago. God has plans for her.


Please remember that God also has plans for you an me. He wants us to repent and turn to Him. Whether or not the false Catholic will heed Him or not is up to her.

But as you point out, she’s a clear and present danger to a constitutional Republic and should be removed entirely from Congress.


Insider trading is just the tip of her ‘iceberg,’


She’ll BURN in HELL.


Pelosi get hold of U R self . Your Brother is as Guilty as U are STUIPED ! Just because U say U don’t believe WHITE MEN so do U TRUST Paul Ur Hasband.
Just because U R a White Woman and U say have nothing Wrong U R full of Donkey Poo.

Monica T. Goodin

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The Hag didn’t believe these girls ,but an old Squak like the one who couldn’t remember if Kavanaugh raped “here or there”,that was very believable by Nancy and old Feinstein

Gail Davis

Pelosi is a looney tune, a real mental case! She comes from a crime family from Baltimore! Her brother was guilty-of the rape! Her son Paul Jr got a Chinese girl with 2 daughters pregnant and made her have an abortion in California. Real good Catholic
family – not! They think they are really something because they have lots of money,
but when you really look closely at the members of their family, they are gutter trash! You wouldn’t want them as a friend!

American Patriot

If the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree the whole family is creepy

Gerald Mann



And Schumer, AOC, Omar!


If the law applied equally to everyone, democrats would all be serving life terms. Since things work in their favor they may rape the entire country and have no problem. Nancy and buddies are the living proof of democrat corruption.


I looked up all of the information available on the rapes and they occurred on a somewhat regular basis as the girls had to live in the same apartment building, from the time they were 13 years old. When they got caught Pelosi’s Father, who was the mayor and boss of Baltimore pulled every string and made every threat to get her brother off. He finally got him off but everybody knew that he was guilty as sin. The other boys went to prison. This is how Nancy Pelosi grew up and is why she feels that she is invincible as she was the daughter of a “Godfather”. As you can see, her family was fairly far divorced from the truth and fairness that most parents hand down. She staged this Capitol Building incursion with the help of John Sullivan, the actual organizer and Democrat Party go to man if you wanted a riot. Plus, she was the only one who had the motive of destroying President Trump’s chances of winning the election.


Anti Nancy (the Moon Bat) steps it to vindicate her bro and the full power of the federal gov. influence against a girl… she continues to abuse her position and prove what a lying bitch she is.


Yeah her brother probably raped her too and problem is the sad USELESS bitch liked it….
Nasty pelosi and all her paedophile friends are ruining the usa and making big $$$$$$$$ from selling kids for sex, why else do you think the border is open to just kids?
These sick inhumane so called humans are as sick and demented as trump said they were……

Marlene deRonde

Let’s change our last name to Pelosi (barf) so none will be charge with a crime and all will walk without paying consequences.

Amber Morris

Please, you know he was guilty. The family is a bunch of worthless politicians

Christina Robleto

Family is heavily involved in organized crime

Mark Gravitte

Just think, there is some poor bastard out there named paul pelosi. Butt ugly she is.


He’s free to leave anytime.

Mark Gravitte

Why would he? He needs old 80 proof to wipe his ass. She probably an expert at that.


Pelosi is a L-A-I-R always has been especially when it comes to a member of her clan. Even when Cuomo was being accused she stood beside him when she knows darn well he is guilty—Such a disgusting person.

alicia regina cervera

“WE must believe ALL WOMEN!” remember nancy? Or was it because of his POMPOUS NAME or your family paid big time to get him off the hooK? AA we can ee, your family once a mafia family always a mafia family.

Michael Sanders

She never believed Hunter Biden was guilty either!!


She KNEW he is and is covering that one too!!

Mark Gravitte

The old bitch has been lying and deceiving her entire life. I wonder why we have to tolerate shitbags like her?

Christina Robleto

That evil jezebel needs to be thrown out of her Hightower & fed to the 🐕


She comes from a very questionable background. It is alleged that her father was Mafia, so anything that family does is possible.


Am I the only one that saw her so drunk on the Senate floor? There’s a drinking problem!

Captain Kublai

Pelosi has nice boobs. That’s the only positive fact that stands out about her. Haha.

Dean Peek

This woman has single handedly done more damage to our country then any modern day politician. She has embraced immorality, corruption, deception, lying, embezzlement, bigotry, and false accusations against her political enemies.In one word she is despicable.

Lois wooten

Of course you wouldn’t you witch

American Patriot

It’s funny how she believes every accuser against the Republican. But when it comes to her brother she doesn’t believe her.

Sharon Arrington

How in the hell is she continually getting elected as Speaker of the House? She has proven repeatedly what a treacherous liar she is. Ok, typical liberal.


So Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi is a hypocrite? This is new? She forced others into lockdown while she was out having her hair done. While others suffered, she had her $12/pint ice cream from her $12.000 fridge. She lives behind a high fence while she refuses money for a fence to protect our country. This mafiosa is nothing but a hypocrite!


Her fridge was $24,000!! Thats like a cheap car! This is why she is so out of touch with reality! These politicians forget that they were ELECTED not born into Power!! They can talk this new thing “Equity” but there is no such thing! She needs to be put in jail for LIFE! ALL OF THEM NEED TO BE TAKEN DOWN! The people elected her. Unfortunately for her…she is Not a queen!


personally I think they should all be put in one jail cell together let em fight each other

Ann Marie

Isn’t it funny that all these democrats in Congress have ties
to criminal pasts like one family after another. So Corrupt they
all are.

Chet Brewer

really you expected her as an 11 year old girl to believe her brother was a rapist. the fact that you put this click bait up says that all you are interested in is throwing stuff against the wall hoping it sticks. And yet you support the self confessed serial assaulter and rapist in donald trump who did al his deeds as a overprivileged rich boy


Chet put real hard on both of your ears .right hand on the left and the left on your right ear and pull then maybe U can see and hear again. Lol !

william g munson

They lie and cover up and also let people off Period with their Corruption and even if he did not do it he was with the boys just like riding in a car with some and they rob a store guilty too


You know it’s hard to think of a more horror then Pelosi. The thing with her is that she keeps being voted into office . If ever there was a reason for term limits, Pelosi is it. Same for Biden and Kamala. Biden would never have come to the presidentially had term limits been enacted.


old news the question what Bering does it have that her brother got away with it ok there is nothing that can be done now,,, don’t get me wrong i can’t stall the putrefied old scum bag anymore that the rest but if we want these people out lets get the real story and be done with these people


Evil witch who I wish were dead along with Schmucker Durbin Harris and Biden


From the title and article pictures, can I assume NANCY Pelosi was in on the gang-rape of the two girls? What role did Nancy play? Did she hold down the two girls? Did she get some feelies or licks in?

OH, it was HER older brother who was involved WITHOUT Nancy’s knowledge at the time. MY, MY, isn’t that different from what MANY articles’ titles seeming are trying to imply? Is such an honest conservative tactic? Should we use the socialist Democrat Party’s Saul Alinski’s tactics?

Now it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she’s trying to shield her brother. Honesty IS NOT her forte. Shes’ a wannabe tyrant with more than adequate proof by her actions in Congress and has proven her double standards on many occasions. But should we conservative constitutionalist and people of faith be involved in such type of deception?


I find it surprising and sad that no one here has the cojones to address the issue I raised due to the article. Or should I be surprised?

Just what does the alleged gang rape by her brother have to do with her? And why instead are so many determined to believe she’s an alcoholic without proof rather than discuss this hit piece?

Ah yes, I guess inferring guilt by innuendo isn’t limited to liberal snowflakes. But I wonder if I’ll rile some self righteous rightist demagogue?

Mark Gravitte

Old 80 proof Piglosi is the biggest scam artist in American history. What angers me is what the old decrepit bitch has done to the hardworking American Citizens (Not those assholes who are to sorry to work and are entirely capable of doing so). I know our God is a loving God and he is long-suffering. But, his judgment of mankind is fair and righteous. There will be no iron gates and armed police when she stands before the throne of our God. Piglosi and the losers like her are of the mindset that they are going to hell anyway so let’s screw as many people as we can. It’s happening before your very eyes folks. God bless America 🇺🇸 and the great state of Israel 🇮🇱!


I am from Md. and at the time in our history Md. was totally a democrat run state and Baltimore was the cess pool of politics, much like Washington is now. You could get anything on the illegal shopping list in Baltimore, to include a hit job starting for less than 500.00, depending on the victims status in society. When D’Alisandro was governor, Balmore was just slightly milder or tamer than Al Capone’s Chicago. And in some neighborhoods even today it isn’t safer to walk down the street, even in broad day light.

Francis cline

This is so not surprising, but what can we do about! i say we find ti accusers and get there full stories, are e the people want to know what why FDR WASN’t found guilty and put in prison for a good long time.


Remember she just had money rebooted from her area to silicon valley under ground subway for her to go eat to her private winery. That was one of the infastructure pork belly for her


Oops rerouted

alfredo dizon

The fires in the afterlife await her. There will be gnashing of teeth… Pelosi will pay and its not if, but when…


Nancy, Nancy there are so many skeletons in your closet. You and Chuck Schumer accuse others of sexual abuse, Kavanaugh, for you sick agenda to destroy the USA. You are a disgusting pig of a human along with Schumer. Both of you must be removed from congress NOW.


Pelosi has to be fired, she and a lot of Democrats not all but alot have lied time and time again, it is no wonder people dislike politicians they are like the seasons cold, hot warm , back cold.

Monica T. Goodin

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Hay Nancy, what happened to your “Believe all Women”? I guess your of s**t like you whole family. Pelosi, the liar for hire

Dawn Doran

Sounds like to me, that her Dad must have paid someone off…Her father was a Mayor of Baltimore and was send to prison, for payoffs…Of, course the family are Italians…

Last edited 10 months ago by Dawn Doran
chuck newman

In order to believe all women, we’d have to believe Pelosi. That ain’t gonna happen!


The demonic left are Godless perverts and don’t have a care in the world over the welfare of children. Nancy’s own son has been accused !


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