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Liberal Parenting Vs. Conservative Parenting

Can you see the difference? Parenting matters folks!

We all saw the video of the little kid sending a chilling message To President Trump after setting a fire in the street.

Well, another video is making its rounds of a 9-year-old kid who spoke on live television, dropped jaws and made America PROUD. When you put two and two together, you get a perfectly good summary of what ‘good parenting’ vs. ‘bad parenting’ looks like. Can you guess which one is raised in a conservative home? Congrats.

VIA| A young goofball was interviewed on camera shouting “screw our president!”

He’s clearly a social justice warrior in training, raised by hyper-leftists.

Here’s a clip of a 9-year-old boy acting 100% more classy, while showing pride in his country and our new leader…

Here’s the clip of the disrespectful kid…

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