Trump Just Owned the Media at Press Conference for the Ages– Watch As They Go Into PANIC MODE!

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There are press conferences, and there are press conferences.

CNN has been repeatedly accused by Americans as well as Mr. Trump, of reporting fake news story after fake news story. Their extremely biased and sometimes fabricated news stories are no longer deceiving the public. Looks like everyone suddenly woke up, and even Trump has finally made it clear he has had enough!

CNN took a serious BEATING yesterday afternoon after they asked the new President a few questions about his references to the news network as ‘fake news’. Listen as he completely DEMOLISHES their credibility and leaves them  bleeding on the floor. I’m sure that’ll be the last time they go on live T.V. and ask for an ass whooping.

If you missed it- you definitely want to check this out!

VIA| President Trump gives the press ‘gotcha’ comments, all right: full-throated, unabashed and in their faces. His quotes don’t make headlines. Trump is the headlines.

So, at the “press conference” Thursday afternoon, or more aptly, the “press assault,” Trump unveiled a barrage of counter-attacks to “resistance” journalists who believe speculation and rumor-mongering are a substitute for hard news.

Behold, The Trumpening.

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