Oversight Committee Announce Hearing Plans, Biden To Face Human Trafficking Complaints

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As the United States’ southern border continues to face a humanitarian crisis of historic proportions, the House Oversight and Accountability Committee has announced plans to investigate the Biden administration’s role in the situation. The hearings will focus on the administration’s policies, which Republicans argue have “fueled human smuggling” and drug cartels.

According to the committee’s Chairman, James Comer, the President’s “radical open borders agenda” has led to an unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants, while also enabling deadly drugs like fentanyl to flow into American communities and encouraging illegal immigrants to flout U.S. immigration laws.

“President Biden’s radical open borders agenda has ignited the worst border crisis in American history,” said committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, a Kentucky Republican.

Record numbers of illegal migrants were encountered at the southern border last fiscal year, and migration is already on track to be significantly higher this year.

“The Biden Administration’s deliberate actions are fueling human smuggling, stimulating drug cartel operations, enabling deadly drugs such as fentanyl to flow into American communities, and encouraging illegal immigrants to flout U.S. immigration laws,” Comer also said.

In addition, Republican senators have called for an investigation into whistleblower claims that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is knowingly transferring unaccompanied migrant children into the custody of criminals, including sex traffickers.

In a letter to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, Senator Ron Johnson and other GOP senators expressed their concern over the reported atrocities and urged Congress to take immediate action to prevent such events from occurring.

While HHS states that the majority of unaccompanied children are cared for through a network of state-licensed providers, there is no denying that these individuals are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

In order to protect these vulnerable children and ensure that they receive the care they need, it is essential that the Biden administration and Congress take a hard look at the policies that have caused this crisis and make sure that they are not contributing to human trafficking or other exploitation.

It is clear that the U.S. is facing an unprecedented crisis along its southern border, and it is essential that the Biden administration and Congress take decisive action to protect those seeking refuge from violence and persecution.

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee’s upcoming hearings will help shed light on any potential contributing factors, and it is up to the American people to hold the government accountable for any wrongdoing. By working together to address the root causes of the crisis, we can create a more secure and humane immigration system in the U.S.





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