When we had President Trump in office, we’ve seen unemployment at an all-time low and a stock market skyrocket.

Then, when Joe Biden took the reins, everything tanked. His policies have literally done nothing but set us back decades in multiple ways.

During a recent speech, Biden addressed one of the issues going on in America which is a shortage of affordable cars. Biden said,

“I’m not an economist, but I’ve been doing this a long time. But here’s the way to look at it. If car prices are too high right now, there are two solutions: You increase the supply of cars by making more of them, or you reduce demand for cars by making Americans poorer. That’s the choice.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of people in the second camp. You’ll hear them complain that wages are rising too fast among the very middle-class and working-class people who have endured decades of stalled incomes.

Their view of the economy says the only solution to our current and future challenges is to make the working families that are the backbone in our country poorer or keep them in the state they’re in.”

How do these people get away with saying stuff like this so easily? Honestly, I think that is the agenda of the Democrats. I think they legitimately do want to make Americans poorer.

Sure, they put up a facade of wanting them to make more money with higher wages and if you just look at the book cover like that without actually digging into the book and seeing what is to come, then it sounds great. Everyone wants to make more money. But there is always a cost. Money doesn’t just magically pop into thin air, it has to come from somewhere.

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But I won’t go off on a tangent on this because I could literally write an entire week’s worth of articles about this topic.

But notice he also said that people in what he’s referring to the second camp are complaining that wages are rising too fast. Umm…who is doing that? He’s suggesting that Republicans don’t want to see wages increased. It’s not that, it’s that we know what will happen as a result of an extreme jump. Companies will go out of business, people will be laid off, hours will be reduced, and benefits will be cut. Companies are in the business of making money. If they’re not making money, there is no business. If there is no business, there are no jobs, if there are no jobs, there is no higher wages. Then in the end, everyone must depend on the government to give them a handout and it just further adds to the amount of control that they have.


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REAL wage increases resulting from economic supply and demand are fine.
It’s the government-imposed artificial wage increases that are the problem.
Government control usually results in failure.


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Ronald Reagan said it “Government is not the solution” “Government is the problem”

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Simple, We The American Patriots are being deliberately “Great Reset-ized.” Here goes…Since We The People are living “1984” literally (in the flesh)….let’s review a few basic notions. One, Marx’s view of “the social order” was simple: 1) An economic, manufacturing base and 2) a “superior” sector composed of religion, education, individuals, families, communities, governance and finance(taxation). Marx said” occupy all “economic base” first then occupy all “superior Sector.” But, on January 10, 1969, Mr. Hall read into US Congressional Record “The Communist Manifesto”: with 45 descriptive elements necessary to “alter USA’s historical course.” Today, the “Superior Sector” has come under fire and the “Economic” has now been detailed and secondary with RENEWABLES in 2035…see how easy that was…We, The American Patriots were literally busy making a living, caring for individuals, family and communities with our Religion, Education, voting rights (governance) and Finances (equitable increase of “MIDDLE CLASS”)Cultural Marxist were busy tearing down our Constitutional Republic. 1619, CRT, LGBTQ,BLM, ANTIFA, on-and-on. Create “Kitchen Militias” to recall Liberal Mayors who control local School Boards. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. Bible, tutor Pods to combat CRT. Pledge of Allegiance in all schools to decimate CRT and LGBTQ forever. Then, Contract With America to fix Washington DC. Amen..


F joe biden!


I am appalled this admin has made it near impossible for us small business folk to continue in our independent biz . We have had a fine run these 40 plus years , now we are hamstrung by the ”hiden Biden” lgb . Be well folks its gonna be a harsh 3 more years….see ya’ll on the other side.


I am at a loss for words how to explain the feelings I have about this whole “Criminal Administration”. All I can say is if Liberals keep supporting these idiots, they will not be exempt from the horrible outcome. I have believed from the very start that Biden and Company are destroying our country BY DESIGN. And, in this so called speech, Biden just admitted it. Liberals, stop trying to defend this administration. If they succeed in destroying our country, we will all be in the same boat except for the “RULERS”. Wake Up. Open borders, leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan, inflation, mandates, energy dependence, being the laughing stock of the world, etc. are not good things for our country. These policies are meant to usher in Communism. PERIOD.


1000% AGREED


I listened to Mark Levin’s radio show today and he has on, Glen Beck. He was talking about his book ‘The Great Re-Set’ and it really is a very scary scenario! Do some research and see for yourselves. I’m glad I won’t be around IF it ever happens!


EXACTLY, YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD. That is what they want,”control” they have been doing this to the minority communities for years and years called welfare.


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Fred G Sanford

obiden is the epitome of a fucking idiot. The son-of-a-bitch has been getting kickbacks his whole miserable, pathetic life. He has told lie, after lie, after lie and his sheeple love him. Because of obiden and his Communist regime you folks will arrive at a juncture in your life in the very near future when an entire day’s wages will not even buy one meal. Don’t believe it? Then open God’s Holy Book and it’s all written down for you to see. Learn it, love it, live it. My friends, the inevitable cannot be altered, added to or subtracted from and it cannot be stopped. I wish for each of you the very best.


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