OMG Video: Biden Condones Political Terrorism & Intimidation In Despotic Statement

Syndicated Via National File| GABRIEL KEANE|

Democrat President Joe Biden defended intimidation tactics used by his supporters during a press conference on Monday, claiming that while he does not believe his supporters chasing Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) into a bathroom stall is an “appropriate tactic,” it “happens to everybody” and “it’s part of the process.”

“Mr. President, you’re talking about how you have 48 Democratic votes right now, the other two have been pressured by activists,” a reporter said. “Joe Manchin had people on kayaks show up to his boat, Senator Sinema was chased into a restroom, do you think those tactics are crossing a line?”

Biden shrugged and flippantly replied, “I don’t think they’re appropriate tactics but it happens to everybody from the, ha, the only people it doesn’t happen to are people who have Secret Service standing around them. Um, so uh, it’s part of the process.”

National File was among the first outlets to report on the harassment of Sinema by pro-illegal immigrant activists on Sunday:

Video footage from Arizona shows angry left-wing insurrectionist harassing Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for not being sufficiently devoted to President Joe Biden and open borders policies, going so far as to chase her into a bathroom stall while obsessively filming her with camera phones.

“Right now is a real moment that our people need in order to talk about what’s really happening,” one male demands in the footage. “We need a Build Back Better plan right now.” As Sinema heads into the women’s bathroom, female members of the mob follow her inside, screaming “We need solutions and the Build Back Better plan has the solutions that we need.”

The activists stand directly outside of Sinema’s bathroom stall in the footage, continuing to hold their phone cameras outstretched. “We knocked on doors for you to get you elected, and just how we got you elected, we can get you out of office if you don’t support what you promised us.””We need the Build Back Better plan right now,” another individual demands as Sinema can be heard flushing the toilet. The activists continue to scream and berate Sinema for the duration of the video, which lasts nearly two minutes.

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Stephen Mullany

“It happens to everybody” except Joe, of course, because the Secret Service is there to get him safely on and off the seat. “It’s part of the process.” Of taking a dump? or intimidating a sitting US Senator? If she’s smart, Sinema will move across the isle and find a safer place to sit.

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Bon K

Bribem meant that it is okay to intimidate, or even threaten, those who do not agree or go along with the demonazi policies and agenda. Total anti-American ‘pos’! He needs to gooo…and quickly!


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Sandra Lee Smith

It SHOULD happen to NO ONE!


I’m tired of the reports of people following Kristen Senaca in the bathroom and asking her questions while she was going to the bathroom. I spent 30 years of customers or salespeople doing that to me. I had to say I was going out of town on vacation or I would get calls everyday of my vacations. If I ran into someone on my off time I would get grilled about their jobs. So I sorry I don’t feel for her.


Where they pushing you to do something you had already said no to? Did they threaten your job if you didn’t do what they wanted? I was in sales also and if you couldn’t figure out how to avoid or at least escape from that type of people then you didn’t learn from someone more experienced or you wanted to look important to your friends and family. Come on put your big boy pants on.


Its time for those that believe in Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to stand by her and start knocking heads of the crap that believe they will threaten and push to find their have gone far enough.


The depraved and demented old buzzard is nothing more than a mouth piece for OH homoe standing AND on his knees.

Jack Powers

The Socialist-Democrats are typical ideological-shit-bags.They have no idea concerning anything because they’re incapable of debating or researching facts. They’re ‘repeaters’. They parrot exactly what they’re told. They feel empowered but they’re actually just ignorant tools to be weilded by those who have the financial capability to own their very souls. This fight is going to be very easy. Soon Democrats in Nancy’s House, and ‘Those Stinking R.I.N.O.’s who side with Chuckie’s frauds, liars, and downright treasonous criminals will be put to the test. Their worlds are about to be rocked. Secret Service, FBI, and the woke-portion of the military directed by Capitol Police, will not be capable of stopping millions of armed, pissed-off Americans.

Mark Gravitte

That old disgusting piece of shit has not one rational thought in that miniscule brain of his. His sorry ass needs to be arrested and charged for impersonating a human being. THE PEDOPHILE IS NOT MY PRESIDENT!


I hope I read his obituary very soon


Although “controled” by The Socialists; O’Biden has revealed his “true”(?) colors.; those of a Socialist Autocrat. Joe claims HE wrote the Infrastructure Bill and the Social Spending Bill. He can’t write a bill only the Legislative Branch of the Government can “write” a bill. Old Joe follows the policyof every Socialist Leader – you WILL do it MY way (The Covid response, the Afghan surrender, the economy, Energy policy) – or else. We have a Socialist Autocrat on our hands who will, if we are not careful, shortly become a Socialist Dictator as Old Joe follows the way of all Socialists.


Old sea captain… You made me question..
Wouldn’t a dictator need the support of the military? Are most of our military democrats that would try to overthrow the Constitution??
When they sneaked out of the air base in Afghanistan, didn’t anyone on those flights question what the heck they were doing by leaving our people and equipment behind?

J. Galt

He’s name after Joseph Stalin so why the surprise?


I regret to say it, but I look forward to when SHTF and we get license by revolution to go after the marxist maggots who are destroying America.

I am locked and loaded and HUNGRY.

So get on with it, FraudPres.


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Shayla R. Glasser

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Mountain man

Joe hasn’t got to worry about going to the bathroom….he just sh*ts the bed every morning and someone else cleans it up…remember he went up to reporters and bragged about getting his butt wiped …nasty man

Johnny Ray Skelton

This would be the perfect time for her to switch parties. She would be totally justified in doing so because why would anyone want to be a member of a party that condones the harassment of its members.


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