Oklahoma Lawmakers Pass Bill That Protects Motorists Who Run Over Protesters When Fleeing a Riot

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According to KOCO-TV, on Tuesday, the House of Representatives of the red state Oklahoma passed a bill that will protect drivers who hit protesters while fleeing a riot and will update the punishments for rioters.

House Bill 1674 if signed into law will create a new section of the law to protect motor vehicle drivers who are trying to get away from violent rioters if they have a reasonable belief that their actions were necessary to protect them from being seriously injured or killed, the TV station reported, adding that the bill will also update language in the law concerning rioters convicted of illegal activity during riots.

“Last summer, during the height of violent riots that were sweeping the nation, resulting in loss of life and millions of dollars in property damage, a motorist in Oklahoma traveling with his wife and two school-aged children was surrounded by aggressive protesters in the roadway,” GOP state Representative Kevin West said, KOCO reported. “The protesters beat at his truck and threw things at it, scaring both him and his family. The driver was severely chastised for trying to hurt the protesters, and he even faced the possibility of criminal charges for his actions in attempting to evade the protestors.”


The state lawmaker added “this measure would clarify a motorist’s rights in a similar situation going forward. It also would clarify punishments for rioters acting illegally to impede traffic or seeking harm of other individuals during the course of a riot.”

Republican state Representative Kevin McDugle, the bill’s co-author said, “I fully agree that peaceful protests are a right of the people, and I condone anyone who wants to protest peacefully. Once anyone impedes on the freedoms of others, however, the protest is no longer peaceful. I simply want to make sure people on both sides of any issue are kept safe and have the right to defend or protect their families when they feel their lives are threatened,” KOCO reported.

The problem we have today is that Democrats continually call violent rioters peaceful protestors while they ignore that Republicans say that they support the right of people to protest but not to riot and harm people or destroy property.

As reported by KOCO-TV:

“HB 1674 states that every person who unlawfully obstructs – or makes impassable or hazardous – the normal use of any public street, highway or road within Oklahoma by impeding, hindering or restraining motor vehicle traffic or passengers, by endangering the safe movement of motor vehicles or pedestrians shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for a term not exceeding one year, or by a fine of not less than $100 and not exceeding $5,000, or by both such fine and imprisonment. In addition, the person shall be liable for all damages to person or property, according to the news release.

The measure also addresses organizations found to have conspired with people found guilty of committing crimes under rioting statutes, officials said. Those organizations shall be fined 10 times the amount authorized by the appropriate provision.”

The bill passed by a vote of 79-18 and now goes to the state Senate where it was authored by Republican state Senator Rob Standridge.

As the Fake News media tried to characterize the motorist as the bad guy and the rioting animals attacking his vehicle with his family inside as the victims, a prosecutor made the decision to not file charges against the motorist and alternatively began looking into whether or not to prosecute some of the protesters who attacked the vehicle.  Finally, a government that actually works for the rights of victims, the real victims not the woke supremacists.

And the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office is not playing around.  They have officially asked the Highway Patrol to identify protesters from online videos, news videos, and photos for prosecution for “using weapons and throwing projectiles and damaging the property of this family,” said District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler.

This is the exact opposite of what Woke Supremacist, Soros-funded prosecutors do in other states.  They protect the animals and go after the victims like what happened to the McCloskey’s when prosecutor Kim Gardener charged the Missouri couple for defending their home when a bunch of rioters broke through a locked gate and went onto their property with the intentions of destroying their property and possibly attacking them.  Oklahoma gets it right.




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