O’Keefe Media Group Confronts Judge Engoron As He Makes Sexually Predatory Moves At Gym

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James O’Keefe released footage on Wednesday showing a disturbing encounter with New York Judge Arthur Engoron.

The judge had recently issued a $355 million judgment against President Donald Trump for his business practices in New York.

O’Keefe was tipped off by individuals who had seen Engoron at the Equinox Gym in Long Island and decided to investigate further.

A source provided a video of Engoron seemingly flirting with a woman, making her uncomfortable.

The source reported that he regularly behaves inappropriately towards women at the gym.

In the video, one woman is shown signaling for him to “back off.” Engoron was dressed in a revealing muscle shirt and loose sweatpants, prompting suggestions that he should wear proper attire.

Arthur Engoron’s crotch visible in sweatpants

In a controversial case, Judge Arthur Engoron on the far left side of the political spectrum ordered President Trump to repay $355 million in loans taken out in New York State.

The charges were brought by New York State Attorney General Letitia James, but no victims were identified and the banks testified that they had conducted proper due diligence before lending the money to Trump.

The trial, reminiscent of Soviet-style proceedings, lasted eleven weeks with Judge Engoron postponing the verdict until mid-February after questioning possible perjury by Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg.

Ultimately, Judge Engoron deemed Trump’s loan agreements as criminal and ruled that he owed the state $355 million.

Kevin O’Leary, the billionaire investor and Shark Tank personality, spoke out against this ruling as an assault on the 11th sector of the S&P 500 and every entrepreneur in America.

He emphasized that it is completely wrong.

Additionally, according to reports from Volokh Conspiracy, Judge Engoron appointed a judge appointed by Clinton to oversee Trump’s business empire in New York State.

Judge Engoron also appointed retired U.S. District Judge Barbara Jones to continue in her role as an “independent monitor” of the Trump business empire but expanded her authority to review financial disclosures before they are submitted to third parties. Judge Jones can hire an independent director of compliance, and she has the authority to compel Trump to sell some or even all of his businesses down the road. This is all punishment for Trump allegedly committing fraud by falsely in inflating and deflating the value of his real estate assets to pay lower state taxes and to receive more favorable loans from banks.

The $355 million judgment, along with daily interest, has now grown to $464 million. This situation is seen as oppressive, with New York state seizing President Trump’s company due to their disagreement with his politics.

Letitia James, described as a psychopath, has been taunting Trump by sharing a daily calculator showing the compounding interest on the judgment.

Reports from The Gateway Pundit suggest that President Trump plans to post a $100 million bond and request a stay on the $464 million judgment in Letitia James’ fraud trial in New York City while he appeals the ruling.

Judge Arthur Engoron, who has consistently ruled against Trump over the past three years, is being criticized for his bias as a committed Democrat.

Engoron has made Trump undergo a deposition, held him in contempt, and fined him $110,000.

Despite being married three times and having four children, Judge Engoron faces scrutiny for questionable behavior. He recently came under fire for sharing revealing photos of himself in an alumni newsletter he manages.

The peculiar “BonusTorsoPhoto” showcased a malnourished torso, presumed to be his own, and left many questioning the appropriateness of such content in a school alumni newsletter.

Source: Wheatley Alumni Association Newsletter

The newsletter showcased a series of images depicting a torso before and after, seemingly to highlight physical progress over time. However, instead of showcasing muscle gains as intended, these pictures raised doubts about the judge’s credibility.

Last week, it was also revealed that the judge was reportedly caught engaging in inappropriate behavior with the secretary of opposing counsel during a previous case, violating ethics guidelines.

When O’Keefe entered the gym, a fellow member immediately recognized him and enthusiastically asked for a selfie. “I love you,” the member said, to which O’Keefe responded with certainty, “I know why you’re here… Absolutely 100%.”

Approaching Engoron next, O’Keefe expressed his admiration, thanking him for his actions. Engoron chuckled in response as James remarked on the satisfaction it must bring to counter MAGA supporters in New York State. “Just thank you from the bottom of my heart,”

O’Keefe added. Engoron seemed pleased by the praise, asserting his strength when discussing backlash he faced for opposing President Trump’s policies likened to Communist persecution.


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