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Officer Offers To Watch 2-Year-Old While Dad’s In Court – Dad Returns And Melts At The Scene

Police officers often get the short end of the stick when it comes to people’s dislike of them, but not all cops are out to be the bad guy.

In fact it’s the exact opposite although that can be hard to see at times. Recently an officer had the chance to prove that he’s a good guy who simply wants to make the community he lives in a better place. Officer Kevin Norris was at the local courthouse waiting to give his testimony when he noticed a single father with his two year old baby waiting to see the judge, Norris quickly realized the father’s predicament and stepped in as babysitter instead of officer.


Officer Kevin Norris of the Orem Police Department saved the day. He offered to babysit Abi while Jose was in court. Officer Norris had been watching the father and daughter while he waited in the hall to give his own testimony. When he saw the situation Jose was in, he was only too happy to help.

“I’ve got kids myself,” Officer Norris explained to 2News. “I know what it is to have rambunctious kids, and it’s hard to take them anywhere.”

The police officer showcased his great parenting skills by taking excellent care of Abi while Jose was occupied. He held her hand as he escorted her around the building. He made sure she drank enough water, and they even got treats from other deputies in the courthouse. What could have been a crisis ended up being a great day for Abi.

Eventually the young girl began to run low on energy, so Officer Norris sat down and showed her some cartoons on his phone. He pulled Abi onto his lap, where she leaned her head against him. Clearly the officer had gained this little girl’s trust.

Officer Kevin Norris

Thanks to BLM and liberal claims of police brutality, the job of an officer has become that much more difficult with respect for the law taking a backseat to political correctness. This is the reality behind most cops, they aren’t brutal but compassionate and understanding.

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