Trey Gowdy Demolishes Obama’s Senior Adviser On Illegal Immigration..She Is FORCED To Agree

Watch Trey Gowdy make a fool out of every single person defending immigration.

In the most brilliant argument to date Trey Gowdy DESTROYS woman defending illegal immigration, and BOY IS IT GOOD! You’ve gotta hear this!

VIA| For what seem like the thousandth time, Trey Gowdy has proven that he is going to help win the fight against illegal immigration. Liberals in the United States may be pushing for 12 million illegal immigrants to have a clear path to citizenship, but Gowdy has an epic response to that argument.


Here’s the thing: you cannot lump all illegal immigrants into one category and grant them all citizenship. What about the millions of Hispanics who have waited to go through the process the right way, without breaking laws?

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