Obama Wrote Letters About ‘Homosexuality,’ Fantasies of ‘Making Love to Men’: Biographer

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Biographer and historian David Garrow has suggested that 44th President Barack Obama allegedly wrote love letters to his college girlfriends, in which he discussed “homosexuality” and his fantasies of “making love to men.”

Garrow made these claims during an interview with Tablet Magazine, revealing that he had received letters written by Obama to his girlfriends.

One letter sent to Obama’s girlfriend at Occidental College, Alex McNear, was redacted when Garrow received it.

Reportedly upon inquiry as to why the letter was redacted, McNear replied that it contained information regarding homosexuality.

Later on, Garrow noted that the original copy of this letter was now part of Emory University’s possession and featured a paragraph where Obama shared details about how he fantasized about making love to men.

Additionally, Garrow claimed much of the history established in Obama’s book Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance is fabricated.

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“I’m 97 percent convinced that Barack either drafted all those letters in his journal and then made them into letters, or he wrote the letters and then copied them into the journal,” said Garrow. He later added, of the journals, “Are we ever going to see them? Not in my lifetime or yours. Certainly not in Barack’s lifetime will those journals see the light of day. I wouldn’t be astonished if he burns them.”

When asked why he believed Obama would keep the journals from being released, he suggested it could potentially undermine his life story.

“He wants people to believe his story. For me to conclude that Dreams from My Father was historical fiction—oh God, did that infuriate him,” said Garrow, referring to his book Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama.

Garrow added Obama’s book is “so inaccurate, whether about the dynamics among the guys in Hawaii or what’s going on in the community group on the far South Side. And it completely omits women. I’ve always thought that there’d eventually be a feminist critique of Obama because his mother and all the girlfriends—they’re not there. They don’t exist.”

Former President Obama recently held a private meeting with current Vice President Joe Biden at the White House.

Reports suggest that they discussed Obama’s worries regarding President Trump’s 2024 campaign, with the former president emphasizing Biden’s strengths against Trump in the impending election.




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