NYT’s Shear Backs Jean-Pierre In A Corner Over Biden Double Standard In Criminal Cases

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In a political era where the justice system is being weaponized by the left, it’s no surprise that New York Times reporter Michael Shear called out Jean-Pierre and Biden for their double standard in refusing to weigh into some but not all criminal probes at a recent White House press briefing.

Shear came after Fox correspondent Doocy Time asked why the White House wouldn’t comment on something the country has never seen before.

Shear asked why Biden “has spoken repeatedly about January 6th” and yet refuses to comment on the criminal cases involving former President Trump. He noted that the “potentially could have been affected…by whatever his opinions were.”

Jean-Pierre responded by saying Biden was within his bounds because the attack on January 6th was “devastating” and “millions and millions of Americans…watched.” She insisted that the White House was not going to “comment on these criminal, like, specific cases.”

Shear then called her out for her response not making sense and Jean-Pierre began to melt down. Shear implied that the 500 cases involving Americans were in danger of being affected by Biden’s opinions and Jean-Pierre responded by saying that the attack was “devastating” and “people died.”

When Shear said that he didn’t need a lecture on the fact that people died, Jean-Pierre said that he was “lecturing her.” Shear then asked why the White House wouldn’t comment on the situation, noting that the world was watching, and Jean-Pierre again refused to comment.

McClatchy’s Michael Wilner then asked if Biden would comment on the former President if he were to be indicted related to January 6th, to which Jean-Pierre refused to answer.

It’s clear that Biden and Jean-Pierre are weaponizing the justice system for their own political gain. It’s up to the people to decide if this is the type of president they want in office. It’s become increasingly evident that the Democratic party is engaging in a dangerous game of playing fast and loose with the justice system, and it’s up to the people to speak up and stop it.




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