NYT Article Says Republicans And Minorities Too Uneducated, Gov Should Force Covid Shots

The Federal Government under Democrats is showing a rising frustration due to their lack of dominance and control over working-class and upper-class people, according to a New York Times article that frames their passive-aggressive and shaming tactics as a “poll” of Americans beliefs about the government and especially their COVID Vaccine.

“Good morning. The biggest vaccination gap isn’t based on race or partisanship. It’s based on class,” wrote David Leonhardt for The New York Times, first thing Monday morning.


There is a problem with the left; they don’t understand that college graduates are working. The idea that College Graduates are not “Working Class” is so weird.

The left also believes that Republicans do not have college degrees.  Their firm beliefs guide their fantasies about Americans in stereotypes based on identity politics.  In other words, they are racists and sexists. They believe in stereotypes and refuse to acknowledge math and science. They embrace propaganda. I’ll prove it.

According to Leonhardt, Republican voters are stupid, and that is why they don’t want the COVID shot and also, “minority Blacks and Latino Americans” are smart but cautious of the COVID vaccine because of racism and getting bad medicine, and that is why they don’t want it.

What about Republicans who are minorities? It appears from this article Leonhardt doesn’t know that some Republicans are also “minority Black and Latino Americans.”  That is embarrassing, to be honest. Go out and talk to people and investigate.

Here is a question, is the New York Times saying people in the “working class” are not smart like the upper class, who are dependent on the government to make their medical decisions for them?  They are smart enough to get a job but not smart enough to listen to the government demands over a shot. Does that make sense?

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“It is common to hear about two different demographic groups that are hesitant to receive a Covid-19 vaccination: Republican voters and racial minorities, especially Black and Latino Americans,” Leonhardt wrote.

“The two groups seem to have different motivations. For Republicans, the attitude is connected to a general skepticism of government and science. For Black and Hispanic Americans, it appears to stem from the country’s legacy of providing substandard medical treatment and sometimes doing outright harm, to minorities,” Leonhardt claimed.

Huh? He guesses why people have different opinions; he affirms he knows what all Republicans believe; he guesses why “minorities” believe what they believe.


“These ideas all have some truth to them. But they also can obscure the fact that many unvaccinated Republicans and minorities have something in common: They are working class. And there is a huge class gap in vaccination behavior,” Leonhardt wrote.

So there is some truth to the fact that Government science is often lacking? Oh- ok.  And there is some truth to people getting bad medical care. Oh- ok.  And there is some truth to the fact that people have experienced medical harm by people who are guided by government science and medical care. Oh- ok.  What is this article about?


Leonhardt’s claim is illogical. Republicans are working-class people and upper-class, and minorities, and those people share something in common; they are all working. The problem he really has is there are people who want a Government Nanny and people who do not want a Government nanny.

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Independence from the soothing comfort of a Government Nanny is so foreign and confusing to people like Leonhardt that they try to affirm their own opinions out of nonsense.

The basis of Leonhardt’s analysis for his article is a Pew Poll, which is known for pushing optics to shape public opinion favorable to Democrat talking points.

Look no further than this article to see who the left is targeting and why.  The Federal government is targeting working-class people with fake news -propaganda, shame tactics, and political pressure.

“Here is a look at vaccination behavior by racial groups and political identification, based on polling by the Kaiser Family Foundation,” Leonhardt wrote, showing what he uses as cover for his nonsensical point of view.


“As you can see, working-class members of every group are less likely to have received a vaccine and more likely to be skeptical. “No matter which of these groups we looked at, we see an education divide,” Mollyann Brodie, who oversees the Kaiser surveys, told me. In some cases, different racial groups with the same education levels — like Black and white college graduates — look remarkably similar,” Leonhardt wrote.

And in the end, working Americans are unified that they do not need a big daddy government, and they are too busy to pay attention to the government’s massive layers of propaganda about the COVID vaccines.

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Patricia Johnson

Please tell Mr. Leonhardt this for me: I am a critical care Nurse Practitioner and also a Conservative Republican. Any time he would like to debate the biology or cellular chemistry with these vaccines, I will be more than happy to educate him. I do not want nor will I receive the vaccine! My reasons are this: it has not been studied for long term side effects , there is no guarantee it will work against a mutated strain as well as the fact that I have taken care of people who became critically ill after receiving the vaccine. Of course, there is always the question if there was actually belief that the vaccine would work, why the need for the continued mask restrictions? Either the government believed in the vaccine it was pushing or it is a control issue. Mr. Leonhardt should learn to research his topic thoroughly before writing idiotic articles aimed at offending those who have different political opinions than he does. He needs to be reminded about this document called the Constitution that gives me the right to refuse the vaccine. Maybe he should read it!


Patricia, you took the words out of most peoples mouths. No one knows what the long term effects would be for anyone that takes the ‘vaccine’. It looks like the ‘stupid ones’ he talks about are himself and the Dems that follow like sheep with no thoughts of their own. Many probably don’t realize that they will need to take booster shots later this year and more every year after. But, it’s up to each person if they believe the shots will help or not. Many people question that and shouldn’t be held at fault if choosing not to get the shot.


I’m with you. No governor or anybody else will force me to take the vaccine.

Jack Van

The recovered have a higher immunity than the vaccinated, and now there are indications that the immune system response to the vaccine is worse for the recovered by a factor of 10. To paraphrase a renowned pundit, “We don’t need no stinkin shot cards.”

Judy A Zwyghuizen

The only Stupid people their is are Demoncrap’s that Cheated to get this Evil Biden Administration in to KILL AMERICA and AMERICAN’S this Vaccine is not FDA nor HFA approved and more died from these Vaccines than all the others in the past 4,000. it was shut down when the other’s reached 43 death’s from the Vaccine this one is only in it’s testing stage’s when it is Approved and NO more Death’s from it then I will accept this Vaccine. Until then we have the right’s to CHOOSE what we put into our Body’s TY!


You mean dumocrats.

Bernard Zamostny

Mr. Leonhardt to take a statement from the left, “My body-my choice!” Right?

Hank Bradley

Dissertation short of PhD, Master Degree, B.A. in Political Science and History, Para Legal education, been around the world, lived and worked overseas with differing cultures, ran Psych facilities, rehabs and children’s psych facilities and now retired. I am a Conservative Republican, Born Again Christian and read the news for way too many hours a day. At 72 I am NOT getting the shot. I am sure the shot Nazi’s heard of the phrase, “My Body My Choice.” Eat it NYT and Mr. Leonhardt, I’m a lot smarter and experienced than you will EVER be…Deal with it!


Amen I say to you Sir!


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Notice <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The NY TIMES (formerly a reputable US newspaper 100 years ago) rarely takes or posts comments from American patriots sick of our slanted anti-American worker, anti-US Constitution, anti-Semitic, anti-Trump, racist leftist bias.

Please Air Mail your complaints, taped to a brick, through any west side window of our main office between 3am and 5am for proper consideration by our editors.

620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY

Thank You, in advance for your submissions!

Last edited 11 months ago by CharlieSeattle

Send some comments to NY Times


Top Virologist in the world sent warning letter to his peers and created this video.

If you watch nothing else – watch this video from 38:00 to 45:00 – 7 minutes that will probably save your life!!




Steve Barrette

NYT has become a communist rag


Sadly the condescending folk at the New York Times and the Kaiser Foundation haven’t taken the time to pull the silver spoons out of their communal ass.

Last edited 11 months ago by MikefromMinnesota
Mark Gravitte

If those idiots at the NYT’s news rag are the by-product of a higher education, no thanks. Stupid is as stupid does and you idiots are insanely stupid. I wouldn’t line my parrots cage with your shitty, liberal paper. It’s nothing more than sensationalism. I weep for the future!


This from a person who supports a party that is in the tank for China and Marxism. Anyone who reads this paper is missing a few brain cells.


NYT is a terrible newspaper


Well David Leonhardt, I invite you to be leadman through my front door as you attempt to violate my rights


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Maybe, just maybe, it is the un-vaccinated who are the educated ones who actually listen to and
“Read the Science” and make their own decisions rather than following the NYT and Government talking points going like dumb accepting sheep off to the slaughter house.

A Nonymous

I would hazard a guess that I have more education, formal and otherwise, than more than 99% of the idiots that work at the NYT rag.
In fact I’d bet on it.
Those morons don’t have a clue as to what people know or don’t know, and are making total asses of themselves in their presumptiveness.

A Nonymous

Hmmm. I wonder why he’s come to that conclusion. To my knowledge most Democrats are too dumb to graduate from High School (assuming they even attend one), let alone attend college. (I don’t accept the “Diplomas” given out by most High Schools since they give them out like they give out Participation Ribbons and Trophies just for showing up, not for achievement. They don’t want to ‘hurt the little kiddies psyches’ by holding them accountable for their (lack of) learning.
Heck, I’ve even attempted to give my 1950’s era 8th Grade Graduation Examination (you did NOT graduate unless you achieved a 75% or higher score, encompassing ALL of the major HS core subjects, including Civics, a Foreign Language (self-selected), History (US, AND World), English, Mathematics (minimum through Algebra 2), and other such “archaic subjects”. No Basket Weaving 101, or other similarly challenging subjects as Understanding TV Cartoons, and Gender Identity Challenges.
Most refused, the other’s started reading the material content and simply handed it back w/o doing it. One college professor sat down, took it, and scored a magnificent 52. Which wouldn’t have happened except he actually missed only one question in the subject he was teaching on a collegiate level.
Spoke wonderfully of how our kids today are (NOT) being educated. Certainly not in the normal and traditional subject matter. (Perhaps that explains why there are so many illogical statements coming from such sources as the NYT and other media?)
It also explains the dismal level of performance American kids display in International level Examinations.
As long as “educational” institutions exist as they are, they’re essentially useless. Except, perhaps, as mis, mal, and ill informed voters.


Maybe this kind of ‘journalism’ is why NYT subscriptions should come in economy 12 roll packs.

Last edited 11 months ago by Skeptical
Gary Lee

Dems some time in the future: Get your vaccination or we will come for you in the middle of the night…


Anytime you want to try……

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