NYT And MSNBC Team Up To Wag Fingers At Fox News, There’s Just One Problem

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In the wake of the 2020 presidential election, Fox News has been sued by Dominion Voting Systems for allegedly pushing false claims that their voting machines were rigged. The trial is set to begin Monday.

Nicolle Wallace, an MSNBC host, pointed out how Fox News has been historically correct with their election calls and yet they cast doubt on the election results. Wallace further stated how Fox News has thrown its “biggest asset” – its journalistic integrity – “under the bus”.

Gay concurred, adding that it is “sad” to see a news organization “throw the journalistic integrity out the window”. She went on to say that it is part of a journalist’s mission to “support democracy” and this doesn’t make them biased – it makes them a journalist in a “western democracy”.

This exchange highlighted the hypocrisy of the liberal news media. They claim to be the defenders of democracy and yet when Fox News does not toe their line, they are immediately attacked. Fox News has always been a platform for conservative voices and the liberal media is quick to dismiss this.

The liberal news media also fails to recognize how they too have a hand in spreading misinformation. For example, the NYT and other news media outlets often report on conspiracy theories like Pizzagate without any evidence or proof. They are also not impartial when reporting on political issues. It is no secret that the liberal media has a bias towards the left and is often unwilling to recognize the validity of any right-wing view.

The double standard of the liberal news media is clear. They want to be the arbiters of truth and democracy while also pushing their own political agenda. This hypocrisy needs to be addressed and Fox News should not be the only outlet on the chopping block here.

The liberal news media must accept responsibility for its own role in the spread of false information and its own biased reporting. It was their reporting that nearly tore the nation apart.




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