NYC Mayor Eric Adams Sues Rural NY Counties Because They Won’t Take His Illegal Immigrants

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The recent decision by New York City’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams to sue rural counties in the state for refusing to accept illegal immigrants has been met with both criticism and praise.

This decision is yet another example of the poorly thought-out political strategies of the far-left Democrats in recent years and highlights a complex situation involving immigration, sanctuary cities, and progressive politics.

New York City is one of many U.S. cities, in an effort to virtue signal their so-called “equity”, that has declared itself a “sanctuary city” – meaning it welcomes people of all backgrounds regardless of their immigration status – in an effort to combat what they view as unfair federal immigration policies.

Adams’ announcement comes after months of him complaining about border states sending illegal immigrants to New York City, as well as taking other measures such as providing legal aid and social services for immigrants without proper documentation or visas.

However, some are not happy with Adams’ choice to take legal action against rural counties that have expressed similar objections towards accepting undocumented immigrants into their communities.

These opponents argue that the actions taken by these counties do not inherently contradict the values held by sanctuary cities and recognize the reality that being a sanctuary city does not mean having open borders – rather, it is meant to protect those who already live within them from potential discrimination or mistreatment due to their nationality or ethnicity.

Critics fear that this lawsuit could serve as an indirect way for Adams to force his views on others while overstepping his boundaries as mayor, and while he is obviously failing to accomodate the volume, and continues to rail against border states sending “unwanted” immigrants into New York City, he does not have jurisdiction over other areas within the state which are separate from NYC itself.

At its core, this decision reflects a larger trend amongst progressives across America – pushing for more inclusive policies while also respecting local autonomy when it comes to laws surrounding immigration and other controversial topics like so-called “gun control” or infanticide.

It also serves as an example of how difficult it can be for individuals on both sides of the aisle when attempting to navigate through complicated issues such as these without compromising either their own morals or beliefs nor those held by others around them.

Indeed, many advocates find themselves struggling between wanting change but also understanding why certain communities might resist such changes due to cultural differences or pre-existing regulations set forth by their local governments.

Ultimately this issue is far from over and Adams will likely face significant backlash if he moves forward with his lawsuit.

Just the News reports:

NYC sues New York counties for not taking migrants

New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams on Wednesday announced that the city is suing 30 counties in the state over their issuance of orders seeking to stop the metropolis from sending excess illegal migrants to their territories.

The city has struggled to cope with a massive inflow of asylum seekers as Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott continues his policy of busing illegal migrants to sanctuary cities in a bid to highlight the Biden administration’s lax approach to border enforcement.

Adams has faced considerable pushback from upstate communities over his efforts to pass additional asylum seekers on to them, prompting the suit. The city currently shelters more than 47,000 migrants.

“This lawsuit aims to put an end to this xenophobic bigotry and ensure our state acts as one as we work together to manage this humanitarian crisis fairly and humanely, as we have done from the beginning and as we will continue to do,” the mayor said, according to The Hill.

Jazz Shaw of Hot Air notes that Adams seems to have forgotten his role:

He’s the Mayor of Gotham, not the Governor of New York. He has no authority over what the counties do or don’t do. That’s why I’m not sure that the courts will show much sympathy for his complaint. Under what authority does the Mayor of New York City have the power to dictate what county supervisors decide to do in the best interest of their residents?

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New York City made the decision to declare itself a sanctuary city and pass a law declaring it must give shelter to anyone who asks. It is not the fault of the rural upstate counties that people took them at their word and began showing up to take them up on the offer.

Isn’t it fascinating how so many of the liberal leaders who claim to support unfettered illegal immigration don’t actually want illegal immigrants in their cities and states?




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