NY Unified Against Gov. Cuomo, City Council Candidate Slams Covid Response

“A defensive Gov. Andrew Cuomo went on a 15-minute rant Friday in which he vowed to counter what he claimed were “lies” and “misinformation” about his handling of nursing homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic — while again offering no apologies for the death toll in the facilities.

“I’m not going to let you hurt New Yorkers by lying about what happened. Surrounding the death of a loved one,” Cuomo said during a virtual news conference in Albany.

“So, I’m going to take on the lies and the unscrupulous actors, especially when they cause pain and damage to New York.”

Cuomo again denied that a March 25 directive for nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients had caused additional deaths — or that he covered up the true toll, despite a top aide’s recorded admission that was revealed exclusively by The Post, “The New York Post wrote.

A Populist Democrat, Heshy Tischler, who runs for City Council, responded to Cuomo’s press conference.

“We are not lying; you are lying, Governor.  You are whacked. You are giving out misinformation and false information. It is time for you to leave power. I have sent the video of you threatening us to Attorney General. I have a private investigation firm to find out about the deaths in the nursing homes and hospitals that have killed our  Senior citizens, who must be protected; they are the ones who built this country. I want to be a city councilman to protect our city from people like you,” Tischler said.


Democrats and Republicans are unilaterally moving against the Governor and disagree with the way he handled COVID.

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Ron Kim said that Cuomo threatened him.

“Cuomo helped his donors shield nursing home executives from legal consequences, then hid the information about nursing home deaths, then tried to enlist the legislature in covering up the situation and obstruct justice,” NY lawmaker & Chair of Aging Committee and Bernie Delegate #YangforNY

“For 10 mins he berated me and yelled at me and threatened my career.  He told me that I had to releases a new statement that would be a lie.  He wants me to say I didn’t see a crime that I saw.  He gave me until tonight to do what he wants.  I won’t do it. He crossed a line that can not be crossed.  My job is to ask these questions as the chair of the Asian committee,” Kim said.

Janice Dean, Fox News’ senior meteorologist, slams the liberal media for allegedly helping cover up Democratic Cuomo’s nursing home crimes.

She lost both of her in-laws to COVID and blamed Cuomo’s actions for their deaths.

Dean has been one of the most outspoken voices regarding Cuomo’s nursing home mandate after losing both of her in-laws to COVID-19 in New York nursing homes. Cuomo’s March 25, 2020 order directed nursing homes to accept patients who were positive for coronavirus. Much of corporate media ignored the news for months before allegations came to light in 2021 about his office undercounting and allegedly trying to cover up the number of deaths.

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She has been a unifying figure between two political sides.


Looks like Cuomo is in deep trouble.



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