NY Post Journo That Broke Laptop Story Drops ‘Overwhelming Evidence That Joe Biden lied’

Democratic 2020 U.S. presidential nominee Joe Biden and his son Hunter celebrate onstage at his election rally, after the news media announced that Biden has won the 2020 U.S. presidential election over President Donald Trump, in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., November 7, 2020. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

New York Post originally broke the story about the Hunter Biden laptop case and an insider, columnist Miranda Devine, says that there is more than enough evidence to prove that Biden knew about his son’s business deals while still in office.

Which has many wondering why the hell the DOJ has continued to just sit on the Intel.

Divine explained on Fox News, “it’s quite shocking. We already knew, thanks to the whistleblowers that have very courageously come forward to Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson – the Republican senators – but what we now have found out and what I’ve reported on in Monday’s paper is that Timothy Thibault, who is the disgraced FBI agent named by the whistleblowers as having suppressed the Hunter Biden information that came to the FBI before the 2020 election, was in charge of Tony Bobulinski’s material.

She continued, “he was appointed by the FBI to manage Tony Bobulinski, who was probably the most crucial whistleblower when it came to the Hunter Biden material. Nothing to do with the laptop, but Tony Bobulinski had been the business partner of Hunter Biden, and he knew that Joe Biden was involved with this multi-million dollar deal with China that was detrimental to America’s national interest.”

Divine said, “Tony Bobulinski being a patriot, being a Navy veteran, much decorated, having top secret security clearances from the NSA and from the Department of Energy, he decided to stand up before the election. He gave a press conference a couple of weeks before the election, and he told what he knew. He said that the ‘Big Guy’ was Joe Biden.”

The columnist broke it down, “He knew that because that was the way that Hunter Biden and his business partners, including Tony Bobulinski, used to refer to Joe Biden, and they didn’t want to mention him by name because he was central to this corrupt influence-peddling program that the Bidens had been prosecuting throughout the world during Joe Biden’s vice presidency, and Joe Biden was fully aware of it. He was involved in it even though he lied to the American people. I don’t say the word lie lightly. There is just overwhelming evidence to show that Joe Biden lied when he said during the election campaign that he knew nothing about his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings.


Bobulinski was the first son’s former business partner, before the 2020 election — but he suppressed his damning revelations, sources say.

Bobulinski spent over five hours secretly being interviewed by the FBI on Oct. 23, 2020, about his inside knowledge of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s business deals with China.

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