NY Nursing Home Resident: State Total Showing 1 COVID Death Is Bogus, ‘2 or 3 Per Day’

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After New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sent the equivalent of biological weapons into the state’s nursing homes by forcing COVID-19 patients to be taken in, thousands of elderly residents were killed by the deadly virus. We reported recently that a top aide to Governor Cuomo, Melissa DeRosa, admitted on a conference call to state Democrats that the Cuomo administration lied about the number of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes, incredibly admitting to federal obstruction of justice claiming they did it because when President Trump started pressuring the Cuomo administration on Twitter over how poorly they were handling the pandemic, DeRosa said they froze from fear, and ultimately hid the numbers because they feared a federal Justice Department investigation. As COVID-19 was emptying out nursing homes state tallies revealed that a miracle took place in a Long Island home showing that they only suffered one death.  Wait, what? After the Cuomo administration was ordered by a judge to release more complete data that must include nursing home deaths who died in hospitals the total amounted to only three more deaths at the Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at South Point. There’s a resident of the Nassau County home who said that even four deaths are a crock because there were at least two or three people who died every day during the height of the virus pandemic.  The resident said that there were so many deaths at that nursing home that the beauty parlor had to be turned into a makeshift morgue.   Democrats have gotten away with lying so much and for so long that the Cuomo administration must have figured it would be easy to dismiss all the deaths that occurred there due to COVID-19.  They are cruel and heartless people. “The people just disappeared,” said Jeffrey Fischler, 51, who has been at home for two years.  Fischler said that his roommate died, and even though he admits he doesn’t know if the roommate died of COVID or not, he said that the corpse was kept in his room for eight hours simply because they ran out of space for where they could move the body. Nursing homes are supposed to report deaths to the Department of Health, but the fatality rates being so low, including for the New York City area, which apparently was hit hard, raises questions about whether or not the Department of Health made any valid attempts to verify the numbers. “One or two deaths, that’s a red flag for me,” said Richard Mollot, the head of an advocacy group called Long Term Care Community Coalition. “If you see anomalies that should be a red flag to at least ask questions.” The FBI and a US Attorney are now investigating the Cuomo administration over the nursing home deaths. Even the radical progressive Attorney General Letitia James released a damning report last month where she said the state more-than-likely undercounted nursing home deaths by as much as 50%. The total number of nursing home residents who died is more than 13,000, with some estimates being as much as 15,000. “There are gaping discrepancies in the data all over the place, even now with all the additional reporting that they’ve finally done,” said Bill Hammond, a senior fellow for health policy at the Empire Center for Public Policy, the organization that filed an FOIA request to get the Cuomo Administration to release more complete data. Hammond admitted that there is a possibility that some nursing homes were able to keep the virus at bay and have only a few fatalities.   It’s funny how human beings are always wont to give the benefit of the doubt to their adversaries, that is unless they are a Democrat politician. “Nassau was one of the hardest-hit places and they would have had to get really lucky,” he said of the Grand Rehabilitation home.  Any Democrat worth his communist card would exploit that statement by saying “Yeah, they got really lucky.  That’s what happened.” Stay tuned for more information on the Cuomo nursing home death scandal as we will report anything new when we get it.




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