The great thing about Democrats is that when they decide to hold an execution, the first thing they do is form a circle. In New York State, when they decided to wipe Republicans off from the redistricting map, they forced the liberal Supreme Court of New York to toss that map and place them in the danger zone.

In previous years, Republicans could compete in six or maybe seven congressional districts in New York. Under NY law, independent and unbiased companies would draw the redistricting maps. This has been important since New York has gone from 41 congressional seats down to 26 as people flee the high taxes and regulations in that blue state. The legislature made sure they could not be successful this year, so they would be able to draw up their own map.

The map they drew up was so convoluted that it looked more like a geometry quiz than an electoral map. Under that map, Republicans would have been down to possibly three seats in the House. It was so bad that even the ultra-liberal NY Supreme Court was forced to reject it and to appoint a special master to draw the map. As a result, Republicans are now competitive in eleven districts and because of the red wave, this year could win 13 seats or half of the NY delegation.

From The Daily Caller

In trying to drive the Republicans out of the state, Hochul approved lines that seemingly pitted Republicans against Republicans and changed Republican districts to more Democrat, leading to potentially only 4 possible seats for New York Republicans in Congress down from the current 7. Much to the chagrin of Democrats, these new maps have not only set off dizzying chaos of who is running where but also given the Republicans an opportunity to potentially get up to 11 seats, according to Cook Political Report. Nick Langworthy, New York state Republican chair, says the candidates are so good Republicans can get 13, half the conference!

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This dizzying havoc has even created a potential spot for former Mayor Bill DeBlasio to run for Congress proving there are no consequences in New York for failure.

Sometimes crime just doesn’t pay.


Steven Ahle

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No consequences for failure, how fitting.


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Always remember that when your political enemy is “shooting himself (or herself) in the foot,” help them to “reload.” It’s no wonder that Biden can walk at all!

Biden- HelpHimReload.jpg
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