Nursing Home Employee Busted, Multiple Counts of Election Fraud

The 2020 Presidential Election was obviously rigged. Big Tech helped with misinformation, and election boards violated laws. However, the mainstream media, propaganda peddlers for the radical Democrat Party, call any claims of voter fraud to be the “big lie”. They are the big lie.

As evidence continues to surface, proving increasingly more widespread voter fraud, these bogus ascertains of election integrity begin to unravel. Recent charges brought against three Detroit area women further erode the idea that Joe Biden won the election fair and square.

He did not. There was cheating, and virtually all of it propelled him to his illegitimate presidency. Despite the charges against these three nursing home employees for submitting fraudulent absentee ballots, the liberal Secretary of the State Jocelyn Benson downplayed the obvious.

The crooked Michigan liberal politician called them “rare cases”. She seemed to allude to the fact that because these fraudsters were caught, it somehow signals that Michigan’s election system is secure. It is not.

Even though explicit charges are leveled against voter fraud, this can do nothing under Michigan law to fairly correct an illegitimate outcome. Despite continually growing evidence that Joe Biden and the Democrats cheated, the system has no mechanism in place to rightfully correct the final result.

Voter fraud crimes may get punished, but the bogus election outcomes remain the same. Cheaters might get caught cheating, but any political victory secured by these cheating acts stands. If this sounds stupid and Un-American, it’s because it is.

Benson, and her fellow liberal crook, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel refuse to push for action against those charged with voter fraud. Case-and-point, a city clerk, Sherikia Hawkins, was charged with six counts of voter fraud in 2018.

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Oddly enough, Hawkins still has a job as a city official. The Southfield, Michigan City Clerk can reach a plea deal in her fraud case and consequently secure a full pension from the city. Ironically, Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Leo Bowman mysteriously consented to a defense motion to quash four of the six charges.

Pending voter fraud charges against Hawkins are scheduled for trial next February. In a press release, Secretary Benson reiterated her contention that the three women charged in Detroit were abnormal cases. This is not true.

These are the only cases that conservative watchdogs have been fortunate enough to push past roadblocks set up by the crooked political machine operating in Michigan. Election fraud exclusively benefits liberal Democrats, and they use their power to quash any resistance.

It’s so obvious it’s sickening. Trenae Myesha Rainey, Carless Clark and Nancy Juanita Williams are each charged with multiple instances of receiving and manipulating absentee ballots. Most of the people used were incapacitated senior adults.

These three cheaters forged signatures and redirected absentee ballots to be sent to their private homes. These are only the cases that have been allowed to surface under the heavy-handed dictatorial rule of liberal Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

These charges of voter fraud do not prove Michigan’s elections are secure. It clearly proves otherwise. What it does prove is that the radical left will go to any lengths to cover their fraudulent activity. They stole the 2020 Presidential Election, and they plan to do it again. All the while, they lie to the American people that the “vote is secure”.

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Mountain man

I have said it before…catch these vote counters out in the parking lots and have a talk with them..promise…things will change

Luz Lydia

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Anyone who cast an illegal vote is a TREASONOUS thief and deserves the ” Firing Squad ” for stealing my ONE VOTE which I am promised as a citizen of the U S A ! Every elected official should use every tool in their power to` PROSECUTE and incarcerate ALL those who have distorted access or lessened the importance of our public election system !


Anyone caught interfering in the elections,like fraud and rigging by anyone no matter who it is should go in front of the firing squad,thats the only way to end this mess of cheating in the elections that we experienced in the 2020 elections and no state can opt out of this form of deterrent to end fraud in our elections,harsh true but so is fraud in our very important elections

Howard K Rosenstein

I agree completely. Election fraud is without any doubt, TREASON against citizens. Oh, how I wish to God we restore real law and order and justice in our country. Benson and Nessel and other traitors would be hung by the neck until dead. If this treason continues, will the citizens finally rise up and take justice into their own hands? This is a question that needs an answer. If the citizens actually rise up and apply a death sentence for treason as it should be, Benson, Biden, Obama, Hillary and the whole bunch of corrupt assholes best get on their knees and pray that their deaths are quick.

RockyMtn 1776

This is NOT uncommon in nursing homes. Unfortunately few are ever monitored by anyone during elections. Absentee ballots are ripe with fraud in this environment. The sad part of it is, they get away with it.


In Michigan charging a Democrat of voter fraud is useless. They never lose their job, never are fined or sent to jail, and the broadcast media uses its bias to bury the stories or cast doubt on any fraud charge.

Joseph Xydon

Black Criminal – Voter Fraud – Liberal Democrat. Is anyone surprised?


These entitlement-mentalitied kneegrowz just won’t behave themselves. They are parasites. They really are sewage. They leave their ghetto’s for greener pastures and ruin them too. Years ago I wouldn’t have said something like that, but they’ve infested MY neighborhood and started their ghetto-mentalitied crap: break-ins, drive-by shootings, throwing their trash around, screaming and yelling.
None of them better be yapping at me about White Privilege or White Supremacy or Racism.
They’ve brought their problems on themselves because they were too lazy to educate themselves so they could get ahead in life. They insist everything be given to them without working for it.
It doesn’t work that way.

Old wolf

Right here how corrupt things are , when a nursing home nurse fixs votes for the delusional democrats to fix elections . Good thing not all nurses are like this . Hope the money was worth it . And yet the delusional democrats cry there was not voters fraud . As you can see … there was .more lies from the delusional democrats .

mark Foster

Has anyone noticed every time that voter fraud is exposed in the media it’s a female African American????????????


The reported criminal Manager counting the ballots in Wayne County, Detroit, of Detroit, Michigan, is Janice Winfrey. I lived in the area for 50 years, and moved out of the frying pan in Michigan, into the fire in Georgia. She reportedly is the decades long cheater of elections, who counts the votes, and Democrats always won. The votes were manipulated for the election to Mayor Kawame Kilpatrick of detroit, and others? Kilpatrick went to Federal Prison for years for everything….. was sentenced to 28 years?


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Last edited 3 months ago by Rita

the socialist will protect her. black and has a “D” behind her name?


“The people who cast the votes decide nothing…The people who count the votes decide everything”…Joseph Stalin


Send her to jail for 100 years


Deport her to Somalia

Joy Cochran

So she loves the retarded asshole and she helped him get in. She is as stupid as he is. He should be in jail with her.


Round up all the Election fraudsters and cut their hands off. They’ll never pull this kind of stunt again.

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