Nunes Blasts Haters, Spills New Release Date For TruthSocial

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”We have so many people who don’t want to see us be successful, whether that be the big tech companies, the fake news media complex that’s out there, or even foreign governments and other bad actors,” Nunes said on ”Greg Kelly Reports.”

”It’s very difficult. We cannot use any of the big tech companies. We’ve seen what has happened to other small startup companies. And when Amazon decides they don’t like them, they cut them off.

”So we’re having to build this from scratch. We’re developing great partners like Rumble, for example, which is a YouTube alternative. They’ve been helping us out a lot, so we’re going to continue to find people that will not cancel us, that want to see the internet back open again for everyone, and obviously, we’re hoping to work with Newsmax.”

Nunes, who referred to a visit to Newsmax’s corporate headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, last week, contradicted reports in business and tech media that TruthSocial was expected to launch Feb. 21.

”If anybody wants to sign up, they can go to and actually sign up now,” he said. ”What we’re doing now is we are in beta testing, we’re expanding that beta test. And we fully expect to launch by the end of March.

The 48-year-old Nunes left his career in Washington to become CEO of former President Donald Trump’s new media company.

I hope, like everyone else, that TruthMedia proves to be a successful alternative to liberal platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The website suggests sharing their link on your current social media platforms before the link gets banned completely.




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