Not Mutilating Trans Children Is ‘Sinful,’ Says Biden

Imagine getting morally reprimanded by this groomer-in-chief… Mr. Scratch-N-sniff, himself.

Joe Biden recently spoke on The Daily Show in an effort to promote his efforts to keep same-sex marriage legal. Unfortunately, the conversation quickly shifted to the topic of transgender youth and how they are dealing with “regressive state laws”.

Biden’s response? It’s “close to sinful” to not allow kids to get their private parts mutilated.

The problem here is that Biden is missing the point. It’s not the laws that are cruel, it’s the adults who are pushing this dangerous agenda onto children that are cruel. Kids don’t just suddenly wake up and decide that they want to change their gender.

They are often groomed by adults, teachers, and parents, who are willing to let their kids live in a dangerous delusion.

On Detransition Awareness Day, ex-trans people shared their stories about the harm that gender reassignment caused in their lives. And yet, Biden still insists that he is looking to pass legislation that would allow transgender youth to harm their bodies.

Biden’s comments are especially concerning because he is using his platform and position of power to facilitate such a grave evil in this nation. He is overlooking the fact that kids need to be protected, not indoctrinated by the lies of the woke left.

It’s even worse when you consider that the same gender reassignment procedures that Biden is endorsing are the same procedures that have been proven to lead to higher instances of suicide among transgender youth. That’s why it’s so concerning that Biden is using his platform to push this dangerous agenda.

It’s time for us to speak up and demand that our leaders protect our children from such dangerous manipulation. Kids are too young to make decisions about gender reassignment and it’s up to us to make sure that they are given the truth and the facts about the consequences of these procedures. We must not allow Biden and the left to push these dangerous agendas onto our kids.

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