Not Again… Republicans Throw Mike Lindell Under The Bus

The CEO of My Pillow, Mike Lindell, got kicked out of The Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) after being invited to the event, given VIP passes and a Dinner ticket, because Brian Kemp, Republican Governor of  Arizona, and Doug Ducey Governor of Arizona didn’t want him there.

“I am going to have them all over the news, because they want to stop the election audits now they are trying to suppress our voices.

They are afraid of what they have done to stop the elecection audits and they want  to hide it- Brian Kemp spent 100 million on Dominion machines, Ducey is the Chairman of RGA  and the head of the committee of election integrity is Brian Kemp,” Lindell said.

“I was invited there specifically to meet with the Republican Govenors  in Tennessee at the event.  I got VIP passes and to the dinner, and I was taken to an area to sit with the others and wait for a shuttle. then a few minutes later, the guy who gave me the tickets said ‘ got some bad news, you are uninvited.

It has something to do with Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey. You are kicked out of all of the events and you should just as well leave’, so I left,” Lindell told Bannon on Wednesday after the event.

“The Politico article left out some of those facts,” Lindell said.

On Tuesday, Lindell appeared on the War Room Podcast in advance of the Republican Governor’s meeting and told Bannon he planned to confront Ducey and Kemp while there.

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Watch a clip of Wednesday’s interview here:


“I went on Frankspeeck and talked about this situation with Kemp and Ducey,” Lindell said.

“They both have been obstructionists. 4 times I reached out to Ducey no meeting, Kemp 12 times and no meeting and Katie Hobbs is being allowed to run free on MSNBC there is no neutrality in the election,” Lindell told Bannon.

When asked what he wanted to ask them, Lindell said, “I want to know why they are obstructing the audits in their states.”


Lindell said that all he wanted to do was ask why they are obstructing and Dominion machines. Still, it appears that the two are invested in Dominion having dominance over US elections and refuse to talk to Lindell.


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“There is a coverup going on,” Lindell said.

“They are cowards, or they are hiding things. It must be a personal agenda-it can’t be political,  they are not representing the party; they are Republicans. They are not helping Republicans by obstructing the legal hand audits,” Lindell said.

Reactions to Lindell’s story were one of sympathy for him. Most people see Lindell as a hero.

“By treating the heroic Mike Lindell so shamefully, Kemp and Ducey have totally EXPOSED themselves as COMPLICIT in The Big STEAL COVER-UP. The MAGA Movement will treat these CORRUPT RINOS like the human FILTH they are. They will be challenged and thrown into the political GARAGE. #RINOSGoHome #STOPTheSTEAL #MAGAFOREVER,” one poster wrote.

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Thank you for the information. Brian Kemp is the Governor of Georgia, not Arizona.

David Cheek

Georgia’s Governor for now. I, for one will do everything possible to see that he and Stacy Abrams can both go to the unemployment line.

Christina Robleto

Hang in there Mike, many around the country appreciate all the work you have done, in helping us to get to the truth, now watch as the King of Kings steps in pulls the covers off this charade. He is going to expose the corruption on both sides of the aisle. No one is going to stop Him either.


Mike Lindell is a true American Patriot trying as hard as he can to expose the greatest fraud produced in the history of this country…. We must keep him in our prayers and wish the best for him.

Gerald S Ladd

Two RINOs that aren’t worth the powder to blow them to hell.


Who writes these articles? A well informed third grader could tell you Brian Kemp is from Georgia , not Arizona! That this glaring error is in the first paragraph makes it all the more egregious. Hire a proofreader/editor!


Rip them a new one. Get rid of any rino an send them back to the swap.



Sharon Arrington

So, in other words, some Republicans are assholes, too.


We already knew that.




Just follow the money. It is all about who got $$$ in the deals and who would lose if found out.


Ducey is as big a RINO as Paul Ryan and Jeff Flake. I would bet he even voted for Biden.


That SHOWNS why we just cant send funds to the GOP are RNC They support thse type ppl with those funds M Lindell has shown he is a conservative Even with HIS OWN money What have these A H even did but TAKE money thats why we have to support Pres Trump Pac and not the RNC ,,,,


Which is why I have stopped supporting the RNC. Too many wusses therein.

Al Barrs

Mike has more solid concrete evidence of Election Fraud by the corrupt U. S. Democrat and their corrupt China Communist Party than anyone or any group, including the U.S. Republicans, than anyone else in the world! The Republicans best listen to Mike when he talks and stop trying to dominate the people’s U.S. Republican Party…

teresa nazareth

Mike Lindell, As President Trump’s supporter I am 100% behind you, God is with you, it is in your book ‘WHAT ARE THE ODDS’. Stay strong you have done SO MUCH for President Trump, the prayers of 75million +++ Americans are for you. YOU WILL PREVAIL.

Robert S. Pelno

This is why I support Mike and my Pillow by making purchase’s of his great products.

Robert S. Pelno

We Conservatives must work extra hard to get these R.I.N.O. Republicans out of the party. A great way to do that is to enact term limits so that these Politicians don’t have years to be corrupted for their own enrichment


All RINO’s must hang for treason, followed by the Demonrats.


or with the democrat KKK scum bags … LOL


How sad so many anti Republicans think they speak for me. They would rather dishonor the party with leftist ideas than stand up for freedom. The only one’s with passion and dedication to the success of the Revelation of vote fraud are Mike Lindell, Sydney Powell and two Republican women, Greene, and Boebert. The Republican party had best attend to the last gasps of the Republican party as it is inundated by swamp dwellers like Paul Ryan, Never Trumpers Romney and Sass. and the lincoln Brigad project .

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