Nonprofit Steps In To Sue Over Absentee Ballots In Wisconsin After WI Supremes Punt On Ballot Boxes For 2022

Wisconsin is a special state on the list of states who experienced questionable ballot tabulations in the 2020 Presidential elections. Before the election mayhem of Democrat operatives illegally changing laws that address absentee ballots, Wisconsin had stringent laws to protect the integrity of such kinds of ballots. Unfortunately, Democrat groups came in before the election. They made several changes without the consent of the proper channels, and now trying to restore their laws has proven difficult.

Key Point: A lawsuit by a nonprofit conservative law firm, named Instutite For Law and Liberty, was filed Monday just days after the state Supreme Court dismissed a legal challenge on the issue of ballot boxes.

“Wisconsin voters deserve certainty that elections are conducted fairly and in accordance with state law,” firm President Rick Essenberg said.

The Epoch Times reported:

“A conservative nonprofit law firm filed a lawsuit that challenges Wisconsin’s law that allows ballot drop boxes, coming just days after the Wisconsin Supreme Court declined to hear a similar suit.

In a suit filed (pdf) Monday in a county circuit court on behalf of two voters in Waukesha County, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty argued that the court should make a declaratory judgment that the only legitimate means to vote in the state is via the U.S. mail or by handing the ballot in-person to a municipal clerk. The firm further argued that state law says that these are only the two options, not ballot drop boxes, and their usage during elections “raises significant concerns.”

Ballot drop boxes, however, were widely used in Wisconsin—which narrowly certified a victory for President Joe Biden—during the Nov. 3 election, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty noted.”

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Bottom line:  More groups are expected to file lawsuits. Former Dane County Judge Jim Troupis says the lawsuit is likely one of many that will press the state Supreme Court to decide on the merits of ballot drop boxes and ballot collections before the 2022 election season.

Going down a rabbit hole: Voting “rights” bills are popping up everywhere, with Democrats pushing for more and more opportunities to change elections by introducing new kinds of voters. Although, in Virginia, for example, voting rights legislation stalls in Congress, new laws aimed at expanding access and preventing suppression are taking effect in Virginia.

Meanwhile, Republicans at the state and federal levels are looking for a way to set stricter voter ID requirements.

On July 1, 2021, bills that permit early voting on Sundaysremove witness signature requirements, fund pre-paid postage and maintain access to ballot drop boxes set up during the pandemic all take effect.

The General Assembly–under Democratic control–also passed several measures in 2021 with delayed effective dates.

Those include the Voting Right Act of Virginia, which will strengthen voter intimidation protections, set public comment procedures for making voting-related changes that could adversely impact certain groups and require language-accesible information. Another bill allows pre-registration of 16 and 17 year-olds

Further reading:

Democrats changing the laws before the election was well established in early November.

“Democrats Changed the Laws Established by State Legislatures” Trump Lawyer Tweeted, Remember North Carolina


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