‘No F***ing Man Is Ever Going To Have’: Megyn Kelly Snaps At Trans’s OBGYN Claim

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The recent story involving 17-year-old Rebecca Phillips and the male adult in the YMCA female locker room has brought the debate over gender to the forefront of our culture. It is a complicated issue, but one thing is clear: biological men should not be allowed to use female locker rooms, and we need to be better about protecting our women and girls.

Megyn Kelly recently addressed this issue on her Sirius XM show, “The Megyn Kelly Show.” She was speaking with conservative commentators Mary Katharine Ham and Bethany Mandel about the story when she played a clip from a recent city council meeting in which Christynne Woods defended his behavior by claiming he had a right to be in the locker room because he has a gynecologist.

Kelly was infuriated by these claims and said on the show, “Why is it making my blood boil that Christynne claims to have a gynecologist? It’s making my blood boil…Part of it is, I just actually went to the gynecologist. Actual women have to go to the gynecologist once a year. When you just delivered a baby, you spend your life with your gynecologist and your OB-GYN.”

She then listed the concerns women have when they go to see their OB-GYN, such as “ovarian cancer or other kinds of cancers,” getting a breast exam, and “constantly worrying whether they’re going to find a lump and how that could go there.”

This is a perfect example of the left-wing “woke” movement gone wrong. They are so focused on being inclusive that they are ignoring the fact that this male adult is not only invading the privacy of the women and girls in the locker room, but he is also belittling the experiences that real women go through.

“There are things that are particular to that exam and that relationship that no f***ing man is ever going to have,” Kelly blasted. “So that guy doesn’t have a gynecologist. That guy has a hole that a surgeon created at best. I’m sorry, it’s like infuriating because there are things that make women special.”

“And there are things that we’ve overcome and that we must overcome as women in order to thrive in this life,” she added. “Whether it’s the threat of sexual violence, or, you know, being attacked as we walk home from college bars to our dorms, or the fears that you have when you go to the gynecologist or when you are pregnant with a baby.”

“All those things, they’re baked in,” the host continued. “And it’s part of what makes women so incredible and strong and you can’t just become one and take all of our things because you did or did not have a surgery or you put on a dress. It doesn’t work like that…”


The relationship between a woman and her OB-GYN is sacred. It is a safe space for women to share their fears and worries. It is a place where women can go to have the tough conversations and find answers to the difficult questions. It is important medically, and it is a place of comfort and understanding.




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