NM Gov Caught Using Taxpayer Money for Groceries, Tequila and Whiskey

Despite ranking 39th out of 50 states in Covid-19 cases, new Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham locked down the state stopping the general population from shopping for practically anything. But as has been verified, she called up a jewelry store and asked them to open up just for her.

Now, it appears she used state taxpayer money to buy groceries and booze.

She was using her Democratic privilege.

This turned out to be the pattern of Democratic governors.

In Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer urged Michigan residents not to travel to their vacation homes.

The same week, Whitmer traveled to her vacation home. Once she ended the lockdown on boats, she finally approved measures to allow boats which incidentally coincided with her husband’s desire to take their boat out.

He then dropped his wife’s name in order to skip over those who already signed up to get their boats launched.

FOX News reported:

New Mexico’s Democrat governor is on the defensive after a report this week detailed her office’s spending from a taxpayer-supported expense fund.

Records show Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham spent nearly $13,500 over a six-month period in 2020 on items such as groceries, dry cleaning and alcohol, the Sante Fe New Mexican reported.

The booze spending included a purchase in September of more than $200 for five bottles of tequila, two bottles of vodka, two bottles of Merlot and single bottles of whiskey and gin, the report said.

In the same report, the newspaper disclosed that Grisham was hosting in-person staff meetings at the governor’s mansion at the same time that she was urging the public against mixing households in order to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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About half the $13,500 went toward food for the governor’s Cabinet members and staffers during those meetings, Grisham spokesman Tripp Stelnicki told The Associated Press.

Although if true, I do not object to the purchase of food for those meetings, I do question why they needed so much booze and why the taxpayers should be expected to foot the bill for alcohol.

I have often worked for companies that bought food in order to keep employees sequestered at the office. I have never seen booze provided by them.

But if they did, they would have been using their own money to do it.

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And the hits just keep coming Dem’s are losers, cheats and dishonest ….


The Dem,s have proven again they believe they are above the law. In my book they should never never be around money or run any state . They just can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar.


Democrates are a disgrace to this country. The hate they have for the American people is heartbreaking. They need to be lockedup

John H.Montgomery

Do as I tell you to do. Not what you see me doing


Typical behavior for Wuhan Lujan. New Mexicans are so indoctrinated they elected her cousin to the US Senate.

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