New Token Conservative On ‘The View’ Shamelessly Fawns Over Michelle Obama

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Former Trump staffer Alyssa Farah Griffin that recently joined the cast of ‘The View’ vowing to be the ‘voice of MAGA supporters’ but we’re one day in and she’s bashing Trump and slobbering all over former first lady Michelle Obama. The segment begins with the cast disguising the Obamas visiting the White House to stand with their portraits.

Griffin cooed over the Obamas while admitting that it was the Obamas who did not want to visit the White House to honor the tradition of standing with their portraits. Griffin blamed Trump even though the former president did extend the invitation but was ignored by Obama.

Later in the segment, the cast went on to discuss when America could see a female president. Griffin saw the opportunity to please her new employers and took it. As Joy Baher said that the US passed up the opportunity to have the better candidate, Hillary Clinton, Griffin can be heard agreeing in the background.

Griffin added that Obama would make a better candidate than a conservative woman. “If she [Michelle Obama] ran for president tomorrow, she would skate through super Tuesday and be nominated and elected president.” Later adding that she thinks that Michelle is “one of the most popular people in the country.”



WHOOPI GOLDBERG: That’s on us. That’s on the American people because somehow there’s this idea that we are not welcomed to be president, that we are not capable of being president as women. Now you know, women just – not that I’m tooting our own horns – but we can juggle and chew gum and feed your behind with blinders on.


Because that’s what women do. We have to do it. It’s part of being a parent, a woman, a wife, and it’s a lot of stuff that we’re called upon that we must do. And I just cut you off. Say it.

SARA HAINES: No, no, no. What I was going to say is it made me laugh. Back in the day when we talked about a woman being president, people made those jokes about, would you really want a woman with her finger on the nuclear button? And look what you got in Donald Trump! Like, you defend the man and now we’ll go ahead and move on.

JOY BEHAR: Well, this country passed on the most qualified person to ever run for the presidency, Hillary Clinton.

SUNNY HOSTIN: Yes. Yes, we did.

BEHAR: A senator and secretary of state, and they put in a washed up, boring, not that bright game show host instead! So, what can you say about an electorate.


11:18:29 a.m. Eastern

BEHAR: Well, how come it wins it in every other civilized country? I mean, I’m going to give you a list of women. New Zealand, Tunisia, Serbia, Denmark, Moldova, Bangladesh.

SARA HAINES: It’s not the women part. It’s not the women part, though.

BEHAR: Liz Truss is the new prime minister of United Kingdom. Golda Meir was the prime minister of Israel. Angela Merkel ran Germany for how many years? Only in this country – and by the way, having said that, I’m only for a qualified woman. I’m not voting for Marjorie Taylor Greene because she’s got the right parts. Uh-uh.

HOSTIN: That’s right.

ALYSSA FARAH GRIFFIN: But – So – I want to say this. I – uh. Interest – I think it was an interesting. I think the points Sunny makes are absolutely correct. However, it’s not – I think our country is ready to elect a woman.

I would remind you Michelle Obama who we were all just praising last segment, she knows better. If she ran for president tomorrow, she would skate through super Tuesday and be nominated and elected president, absolutely.



BEHAR: [Inaudible] Trump – Trumpers?

FARAH GRIFFIN: Oh, I think she’s one of the most popular people in the country.

HAINES: Absolutely.

BEHAR: 70 percent of this country think Trump didn’t even lose.

FARAH GRIFFIN: Of Republicans.

BEHAR: How are those people going to vote for her?

FARAH GRIFFIN: Of Republicans. I think she could get independents.

BEHAR: Really?

HAINES: I agree with that.

FARAH GRIFFIN: I think she could get moderates. So, I think AOC, her issue is that she is – she’s too progressive for most of the country. I think solutions tend to be more toward the middle. She raises valid points, but I think someone like a Michelle Obama could definitely get that.





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