New Study Just Set The Transgender World On Fire

The gender-confused crowd is losing their minds after a new report by the Sports Councils’ Equality Group revealed the painfully obvious truth— It is unfair to force women to compete against biological men.

Shocking, I know.

What may seem blatantly obvious for most people, apparently has to be explained in great detail to some.

“The Sports Councils’ Equality Group found that there are “retained” differences in an average woman’s strength, stamina, and physique, compared with the average transgender woman “with or without testosterone suppression.”

The report explains:

“As a result of what the review found, the Guidance concludes that the inclusion of transgender people into
female sport cannot be balanced regarding transgender inclusion, fairness, and safety in gender-affected sport
where there is meaningful competition. This is due to retained differences in strength, stamina, and physique
between the average woman compared with the average transgender woman or non-binary person assigned
male at birth, with or without testosterone suppression.”

“Based upon current evidence, testosterone suppression is unlikely to guarantee fairness between
transgender women and natal females in gender-affected sports:
a) Transgender women are on average likely to retain physical advantage in terms of physique, stamina,
and strength. Such physical differences will also impact safety parameters in sports which are combat,
collision, or contact in nature.
b) Recent international policy on testosterone limits are set at a level below 5nmol/L in sports which choose
to provide entry into female sports for transgender women. This is more appropriate than the 10nmol/L
which is stipulated by the International Olympic Committee and which remains within the normal range
for males. The current preliminary 12-month period is unlikely to result in the achievable minimization of
physical capacity”

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The report went on to review some sports that trans people could compete against any gender without doing a disservice to one gender over the other but those were all skill-based spots—Like archery and chess. What it proved to the folks in denial is that physically demanding sports, like track, have to be separated by gender in order to remain fair for all.

This wrecks the trans-agenda and stabs a hole through liberals war on women.

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American feminazis are insane to ignore transgender men pretending to be women, and, no, men don’t get pregnant! I will not play that game. Transgender folks are insane and cannot force me to accept their psychosis. They live in their own diseased mind and cannot make me live inside their heads.

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Maria Antonia & Pedro Gandia

Let all transgenders compete with each other.


Yeah these guys can’t make it competing against other men, so they put on a dress and some mascara and compete against women. That is the only way they can win. What a crock of garbage.


Just look down, between your legs, that tells you who-what you are. Now, go home , read your Bible.


When a person can change his/her chromosomes, then they can change their gender. Until then, NO!


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