New Statistics Show Just How Screwed Biden Really Is

Worst president in history? It certainly seems like Biden has made it to the finals, to say the least. If Biden will be remembered for anything it’ll be for destabilizing everything he touches. From the economy, foreign relations, and the southern border we should all be able to agree that the guy knows how to start a crisis.

New stats from the Washington Times show how screwed up things have gotten under Biden:

“In August 2020, the Trump administration managed something stunning. Border Patrol agents caught more than 47,000 illegal immigrants and immediately released just 10 of them into the interior.

This August, under President Biden, the Border Patrol made more than 195,000 arrests and released 43,941 people — an increase of more than 430,000%.”

Security experts say that’s the difference between a secure border and an unprecedented migrant surge.

“If you tell the migrant they’re not going to be released, they’re not going to come. If a migrant knows they will not be released into the United States awaiting their immigration process, they will not come,” said Mark Morgan, who served as acting head of Customs and Border Protection in the Trump administration.”

“Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said last week that he is counting on an easing of the pandemic to help.

“That would mean a regaining of footing, regionally, and therefore, hopefully, a diminution in the numbers that are seeking to migrate irregularly because the level of desperation would not compel them to take that journey,” the secretary told a conference hosted by the Migration Policy Institute.”

What’s even more concerning is that we haven’t completed a full year under Biden yet. Likewise, Biden has had almost a year to clean up his border mess, and still, it seems like the plan is to do nothing and hope for the best. Meanwhile overwhelmed border agents have their hands tied by liberal bureaucracy.

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