New Social Media Site Becomes Top Spot For Trump Supporters

In a December poll conducted by this news site, a social media foum called Spreely ( has emerged as the overwhelming favorite alternative to facebook.

Seventy-four percent of the participants in the poll agreed that Spreely offered the easiest to adapt, best content and offered a facebook-like feel without the risk of being banned for comments, memes and opinions.

Many Spreely members are refugees of the facebook purge and are no longer able to even access facebook at all.

Spreely was launched in October of 2018 and has grown steadily. The owners have continued to add interesting features to the site including a messenger feature that works much like the facebook messenger app.

The name “Spreely” is a contraction of “Speak Freely” and the platform has certainly lived up to it’s name.

According to recent news reports, as many as 15.4 million people have been removed from social media platforms for simply having a differing political ideology from the tech giants.

On October 11, 2018 facebook took the unilateral decision to wipe out hundreds of pro-Trump facebook pages totaling over 70 million fans. When asked by page owners why they were removed, facebook responded with a generic letter that simply said that pages were in violation of terms of service.

Spreely is absolutely free and is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple store.

Visit to sign up.


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Hey All,i am going to ask the same question that I asked on Parler!! just before it got shut down, spreely is on apple and google owned sites(please correct me if I am Wrong) and I hope I am. but once we Patriots all gather on this site and we get millions of us on this site. will the big tec assholes shut us down again?? because I am still reeling from that experience! it made me mad as hell…and TRUMP IS STILL MY PRESIDENT! the Election WAS STOLEN!

Clarence Whitacre

Yes! 73 million strong and supporting this site to keep honesty and integrity for the best president ever. I will only support trump foundation. Period.

Craig M Oxford

I think Telegram and GAB are far better.

bruce smith

Boy am I glad you got a Trump connection on here for news. We new he was coming back in some form and we will be watching.

bruce smith

Love it I will watch all the time now.

David L Pannell

tried to sign up, said my email had been used, I want to sign up.


Same thing happened to me!


same with me then realized I had already signed up and forgot. did the forgot my password and cleared it up.

Rodney Lovelady


Allen Wilson

I need to post my love for President Trump so they will ban me… looking forward to it.

Joyce Henderson

I was a member for a while and liked it. I found the members to be so hung up on politics that they couldn’t converse on anything else. I even made a post with family pictures and asked others to share some of theirs. NOT ONE PERSON posted any. So……I got out. Life ISN’T just about politics or Trump!

Clarence Whitacre

Well if we don’t make sure the politicians that represent us are honest and patriotic. And I’d love saved. We’re not gonna have a life!

Thomas A Gwinn

Hello?? This site is about Trump……move on!!


Why any “REAL” conservative still gives their business to Facebook or Twitter is beyond me. Never been on either cause I never chose to give my business to communists.


Been on it for over a year, always trying to wake people to move here


Yeah see who owns it.Not just in the surface where is the backing coming from.All partners etc.Be careful what who you follow

Lance Brown

Kinda like the SOFI IPO at $9/share and I did my research and found they almost went bankrupt 2 years ago and got $1.5B infusion from the middle east. Then declared that the inside stock owners could cash out 20% of holding at $16/share when the real value was les than $6. Then the CEO left (with his money) and the new CEO hired was the Twitter COO previously. You know the one who started the censoring and cancelling on the committee. This information was not presented in the IPO registration. So, do your research well! Don’t use SOFI at any savings, or share price. They are also out of California so, go figure! Where do you find honesty, integrity, and ethics? Not California!


When, where & who. Send information.



Bill Dent

This is incredibly false. Spreely hasn’t worked correctly in over 2 years, plus blows it out of the water. This is 100% fake news.

Ann Allmon

Please will join it immediately

Robert Essigman

How do you join spreely


Just download the app to your phone

Robert Essigman

Sorry I only have a Tracfone. Takes so much data to download an app. ANY OTHER WAY?

Michael Crispen

When is Spreely going to add some space for us to make commentary instead of just the room for memes?

Last edited 15 days ago by Michael Crispen

Always Nice to Have a Social?-Media Site-And Always Questionable About Whose Behind it!-I Believe as Long as its Civil and Interesting then There is no Reason to Police it Like a Communist Regime-and therefore no reason to Harvest Data-Is It Free Speech?-As long as its not Radical Domestic Terrorism?-Hate can be a Strong Force!-But so can Love of your fellow Human-People/Sheeple are Manipulated By the Fabricated News and the Politicians as Observed During 2020!-Do Not Believe Everything you Read/See/Hear! Concerning Information that you have no Knowledge on!-Do Research and Go with your Gut Instinct-A Sixth Sense That Changes Your Thinking Choice-at the Last Second!-Following the News??-Spree is the Place To Be??Maybe Some of you like to GAB?

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