New Security Footage From Jan 6th Shows Capitol Police Officers Herding Protesters Inside As They Enter The Capitol [VIDEO]

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Last week, prosecutors released two videos that blow apart the narrative that Trump supporters broke into the Capitol in an act of insurrection. In the videos, you can see police welcoming the protesters into the Capitol, including a video of an entrance that has never been shown before. The Democrats have been trying to make hay out of the protest, which they have said is worse than 9/11, the Civil War, and Pearl harbor.

Instead of the story Democrats have told about the protesters busting open doors and forcing their way into the building, both videos show Capitol police herding the people into the building and then standing back to allow them to wander in. I guess the insurrectionists were extraordinarily polite. A lawyer would probably allude to this as entrapment. The protesters didn’t break in, they were led in and then prosecuted for entering the building.

You will be able to see a Capitol Policeman waving to people already inside the building.

At the very beginning of the video, the crowd has stops before entering as if they were seeking permission to go inside. Then you can see the cops walk by and allow the protesters entrance into the capitol. In a later part of the video, you can see the cops have people bottled up to prevent their entrance until another cop comes and communicates with the officers and they move on, leaving the door unguarded, so people can walk right in.

From The Gateway Pundit

Who are the real ‘insurrectionists’ and ‘domestic terrorists?’

As Nancy Pelosi and the authoritarian swamp carry out their bogus witch hunt on Trump supporters who were in attendance, keep in mind that the only people who were killed by violence that day were 2 trump supporters – Ashli Babbit and Rosanne Boyland — and two other Trump supporters that we’r not sure about.

The entire incident was so ‘dangerous’ that authorities were able to clear out the protesters and secure the building by the evening, so the corrupt swamp and Mike Pence could certify the bogus election results the very same night. 

“Worse than the Civil War,” what a joke.




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