New Mexico Rapist Pulled Over For DUI With The 12 Year Old He Allegedly Raped

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Recent news out of New Mexico is appalling and sadly, becoming all too common. An accused rapist was recently arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated with six children in the vehicle, one of whom he is accused of raping.

The just-released bodycam footage from July 2022 shows that state police had pulled him over after observing his swerving between lanes on the interstate in Albuquerque.

The 42-year-old man named Jeremy Guthrie was stopped by New Mexico state police in unearthed bodycam footage according to the Daily Mail.

Police pulled the man over after he was seen on video swerving between lanes on the interstate in Albuquerque. The arresting officer said he could smell alcohol on the man’s breath every time he breathed or spoke.

While the suspect searched for his documents, the officer pointed out Guthrie’s wallet was between his legs, after which he explained his confusion was because he was “nervous.”

The arresting officer noted a strong smell of alcohol from Guthrie’s breath every time he breathed or spoke. He searched for his documents as the officer pointed out that Guthrie’s wallet was between his legs and explained his confusion as being “nervous”.

When asked who these children were to him, Guthrie claimed that one young girl in the passenger seat was 18 years old – despite the fact that she clearly did not look it according to the officer.

That same girl, it was later found, was raped by Guthrie when she was only 12 years old, and has now experienced a miscarriage as a result.

Additionally, her twin sister also alleges being raped by him over a period of more than a year, claiming further that he sent her lewd text messages even while in jail – using an alleged prison guard’s phone no less.

The grandmother of these two girls (the victims) expressed shock at all this happening even though Guthrie was incarcerated: “He’s in jail, how the heck is all this happening when he’s in jail? That’s crazy”.

This sentiment reflects exactly what many conservatives feel today: outrage at knowing there are individuals who would perpetrate such abhorrent acts against innocent children without remorse or hesitation.

Guthrie remains detained at Albuquerque’s Metropolitan Detention Center where justice shall hopefully prevail soon enough – but until then we must remain vigilant against any sort of injustice towards our future generations lest we allow them to suffer more pain than they already have endured.




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