Never-Trumper Adam Kinzinger Lashes Out at His Own Voters After He Gets Censured

NeverTrumper Adam Kinzinger is upset with the voters in his district after they voted to censure him. The news comes after Kinzinger voted to impeach President Trump and his constant trashing of him.

Now, Kinzinger joins the rank of the soon-to-be unemployed. He forgot that he represents the people of his district and not the Democratic party. He has no one to blame but himself. He decided to go against his voters, so they decided to go against him.

The Will County Republican Party voted to censure Kinzinger and the vote was not even close. It was a landslide. Kinzinger claims there was no election fraud in 202I believe there was. I don’t know if there was enough to affect the outcome of the election but when there are videos that show 3:30 AM ballot drops without a chain of custody document or sending Republicans home and then pulling suitcases full of ballots that were hidden under a table, something funny happened.

The statement from the Will County Republicans was nothing less than brutal:

“Rep. Kinzinger’s feelings about former President Donald J. Trump is well known. We witnessed the support and then subsequent bashing of President Trump, after he refused to appoint Kinzinger as the Secretary of the Air Force,” Will County’s GOP announced.

“The last straw was Kinzinger’s unconstitutional impeachment support against Donald Trump that quickly escalated to attacks on other duly elected Republicans in the Senate and Trump supporters. The Congressman’s launching of a Political Action Committee (PAC) to go after conservative, patriot Republicans demonstrates he no longer represents the 9,000 plus voters in the Will County portion of the district that supported President Trump. He disregarded other elected Republican voters’ wishes across the United States in furtherance.”

From The Gateway Pundit

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The Never-Trump representative was not happy about this latest censure of his actions.

Rep. Kinzinger LASHED OUT at his own voters after his Saturday censure.

He must be the only Republican in the world that believes Biden really got over 80 million votes. Biden could not even fill a venue that only has 12 seats but he got over 81 million votes?

From The Gateway Pundit

Brooks ripped his GOP critics Monday as quitters unwilling to do the “homework” needed to save the Trump presidency.

Rep. Brooks was directing his comments to Never-Trumper Adam Kinzinger who accused President Trump and his supporters of participating in an utter scam meant to raise money.





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Carol D Kruse

Just can’t defend himself on this one by lying.
Hey Kizz-my-arse-nger: passing the buck STOPS with We The People.You idiot, just ended your own caeer, not us.

Ani Morrow

Just another rat face parody of a man


You do act like a jackass. You deserve to be a demo-rat.


Isn’t he the one that even his family told him he was no longer wanted since he voted against Trump? Sucks to be you

Fred Fireman

Yep! He’s the guy!

Kathleen Marion

It used to be in journalism that information is given at the beginning of the article as to who the hell you are talking about, no just assume that everyone knows who you are talking about. The first line should have told us who he is, Never-Trumper CONGRESSMAN Adam Kinzinger, OF ILLINOIS. Missing information makes people wonder if you even know what you are talking about.

He deserves everything he gets!

Don Baker

I will be donating to your primary challenger to get a RINO like you out of office. You are a disgrace

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