Nets Rush To Sweep IRS Whistleblower On Hunter Biden Under The Rug

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The liberal media and the Democrats have been doing their best to try to sweep under the rug any and all news that could be damaging to their beloved leader Joe Biden and his crackhead son. They’ve been doing this since before the election and have stepped it up even more since Biden has taken office.

Their latest move was to ignore the news that an IRS whistleblower had come forward to allege improper meddling in the federal investigation of Hunter Biden. This story was reported by the CBS Evening News and The Wall Street Journal, but ABC and NBC refused to report on it until Thursday morning.

NBC’s Today only gave 36 seconds of airtime to this story, which is a fraction of the time they would give to a story about a Trump family member. ABC’s Good Morning America gave it a full report of one minute and 57 seconds, but it was still woefully inadequate.

This IRS whistleblower is claiming that the inquiry into Hunter Biden’s taxes has been hampered by conflicts of interest, preferential treatment, and politics. The whistleblower is willing to disclose information that he believes would contradict sworn testimony already given to Congress.

Federal prosecutors have been investigating Hunter Biden’s taxes since 2018, and he has denied any wrongdoing. However, the evidence seems to point to the contrary. FBI Director Chris Wray said on March 9 that the Baltimore field office is working hard on the case and he expects them to pursue it.


Despite the assurances of the Biden Administration and Attorney General Merrick Garland that the investigation is not being interfered with, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee is demanding answers. He is accusing the Biden Administration of blocking efforts to bring tax charges against Hunter Biden.

It’s time for the liberal media and the Democrats to stop trying to cover up the facts and to start reporting the truth. The American people deserve to know the truth, even if it is damaging to their beloved President. It’s time for the media to do their job and report the truth, no matter who it may hurt.




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