Netanyahu Warns Iran Government: ‘We’ll be back — soon’

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose 12-year tenure as the leader of the Jewish state is ending, during a speech to the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, slammed his likely replacement, Naftali Bennett on Sunday afternoon, before the vote to confirm the new Israeli government.

“Bennett always does the opposite of what he says and what he promises,” Netanyahu said, deriding his opponent’s prior statements about opposing the Iran nuclear deal.

Netanyahu pointed out that he and his Likud party had won more votes than any other party in the Knesset.

He detailed his long history of public service, including when he served as a member of Israeli special forces conducting hostage rescues, his diplomatic service in the US, and his work in the government as Israel’s longest-serving prime minister.

“We changed Israel into a world power,” he said, noting Israel’s evolving into a technology-based and economic nation mentioning Israel’s free-market reforms.

“We were the first in the world to emerge from the coronavirus,” he said, pointing out that his administration had enabled Israel to get through the pandemic with far greater success than many other countries.

Netanyahu continued saying that his government had stepped up and opposed the Iran nuclear deal, and had also managed to forge a “historic agreement,” the Abraham Accords, with several Arab and Muslim nations, forging new peace to the Middle East, and Israel improved its relations with countries around the world, from Africa to Latin America, while still reserving the right to defend themselves against foreign threats.

The prime minister also reminded people that during his tenure Israel developed natural gas resources in the Mediterranean plunging the Jewish state into the community of fossil fuel production nations.

Netanyahu touted the efforts of his government to get Israel in the best national security position that the country ever experienced. He reminded everyone of the Second Intifada that happened right before he took office, where restaurants and buses were being bombed.

“It didn’t just happen,” Netanyahu said. It was because of actions he and his government took to secure the nation.

Netanyahu said that his policies were those of the “true right,” and said if necessary, he would fight against “this dangerous government” from the opposition benches. The leftist news media will have a field day with that one.

Netanyahu counseled that the prime minister of Israel must be ready to say no to the US president and to do so publicly when talking about the fundamental security of the Jewish state. He brought this up because the leftist parties in the Knesset want to speak to Joe Biden behind closed doors about what to do with the Iran nuclear deal and other such issues.

He pointed out that Iran is celebrating the new Israeli government. “It’s no wonder that they are celebrating today … They understand that today there will be a weak Israeli government.”

In response to the celebrations, Netanyahu sent his own message to the Iranian leaders saying, “We’ll be back — soon,” in English.

Netanyahu mentioned that his outgoing government is leaving the economy of Israel in “fantastic” condition, much stronger than most other countries, defending Israel’s recent free-market reforms against “socialism, populism, and opportunism.”

Leftist hecklers threw out Netanyahu’s ongoing criminal trial where he is facing charges of corruption that critics have called flimsy at best and definitely politically motivated. They Donald Trumped him with phony accusations.

Netanyahu also slammed Bennett for breaking his election-eve promise to not co-govern with Arab parties, pointing out that though the vote counting in the March election was fair the coalition negotiations since have been a fraud.

He pointed out that his opponents changed the rules of the Knesset to allow minority parties, like Bennett’s Yamina party, to run the government and that in a direct democratic election he would be elected prime minister. It appears that the Left pulls dirty tricks no matter where they are.

Netanyahu referred to Bennett’s party as the “fake right.” He pointed out that the coalition was a union of extremist parties that have numerous controversial positions among its members.

He closed his speech by asking his supporters to take heart and he promised to fight every day against this “bad, dangerous government,” which he pledged to take down. “And with God’s help, it will happen much faster than you think,” Netanyahu concluded.




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